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As your REALTOR® I will protect and promote your interests while treating all parties honestly. I will cooperate with other real estate professionals to advance your best interests. I will make sure that details of agreements are spelled and that you understand what you are signing. I will arbitrate and mediate agreements with other REALTORS® and with their clients on your behalf.

A little about me...

The Low Country became my home in 1970. Growing up and then having a family here has allowed me to build a network of wonderful local businesses and people who I trust to take care of my own personal needs. Beyond my own personal knowledge, I have access to Sherman & Hemstreet's staff, whom many of which have vast years of experience across many different markets. When you look to buy or sell here not only do you receive my loyalty and assistance but also the helping hand of the community around you.

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Mary Jane Callaway

Mary Jane Callaway



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