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Buy or sell real estate property.

The purchase or sale of a home or investment property is one of the most complex and significant financial events in peoples' lives.
People typically seek the help of real estate brokers and sales agents when buying or selling real estate because of the complexity and importance of this transaction.

Real estate brokers and sales agents can help you find a home, sell your home, make an offer on a home, help you find buyers, and assist you with paperwork.
Real estate professionals have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their communities.
They are familiar with local zoning and tax laws and know where to obtain financing for the purchase of property.

Buy and sell residential houses, commercial buildings, industrial property and farmland, property management, mortgage banking, land development, and real estate appraisal.

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Mary  O Connell

Mary O Connell


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • De Facto Contract

    Contract that intends to convey property form one individual to another but is defective in one respect. ...

  • Prefabricate House

    House made using standardized components that are preassembled on an assembly line in a factory rather than being built from "scratch" on a site. Normally, the prefabricate house is trucked onto the home site as a complete unit where it is installed on a completed foundation. Often times the prefabr ...

  • Replacement Cost

    Are you thinking to yourself: What does replacement cost mean?When someone in the Real Estate Market mentions Replacement Cost, they are talking about an evaluation of how much it would cost to build a completely identical new house to replace an old one. By completely identical, read as built ...

  • Correspondent Lender

    A lender who delivers loans to another (usually larger) lender against prior price commitments the larger lender has made to the correspondent. Mortgage brokers sometimes evolve into correspondent lenders when they accumulate enough capital to acquire the credit lines needed to close loans in their ...

  • Excess Distributions From Section 401(a), 403(a), 403(b) Retirement Plan Or Ira

    Plan wherein total withdrawal or income payments from tax deferred savings plans exceed $150,000 in any one year. An excess distribution tax of 15% of the amount greater than $150,000 must be paid to the Internal Revenue Service. ...

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