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About Matthew Cheplicki

Willow Realty Group is a local company serving the needs of our local community.

We have a diverse team of highly-experiened sales agents on our staff and have partnered up with some of the best industry experts in our area. Many of our agents have been consistently selling properties in the Metro Detroit area for over 10 years.


Our success continues today, in an ever changing market because our agents take the time to truly understand what consumers need.


We continue to grow, change and educate ourselves to be successful in any type of market, whether it is a "sellers market", a "buyers market", or "a distressed market."


Whether you are a first-time home buyer taking advantage of a "buyers market" or a seller asking the question of "should I sell my home"? We are confident that we can help.

Willow Realty Group

Matthew Cheplicki Willow Realty Group

Matthew Cheplicki


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Flexible Premium

    one in which the amount and frequency of payment may fluctuate. ...

  • In-area Emergency Services

    Provision of health maintenance organization (HMO) coverage. A member who is critically injured within the geographical service area of the HMO can use the nearest hospital for emergency care, rather than a more distant HMO-authorized hospital. ...

  • Interest Rate Cap

    Upper limit on the maximum possible interest rate an insurance company will pay. If the market interest rates are below that maximum, the insurance company pays the market interest rate. In this way, the insurance company can hedge its interest rate exposure (risk that interest rates will rise or fa ...

  • Nonoccupational Health Insurance Policy

    Insurance coverage for accidents and sickness that are not job related. ...

  • Private Placement

    Technique used by insurance companies in the purchasing of debt obligations of corporations as a means to: (1) avoid the uncertainties of the market; (2) replace market negotiations with private negotiations; and (3) avoid Securities and Exchange Commission restrictions. ...

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