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About Maurice Williams Jr.

A native of the North Carolina mountains, Maurice Williams graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Appalachian State University. He pursued his graduate studies at Florida State University and after receiving his graduate degree in Archeology, he proceeded to the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. Maurice spent 17 years directing the museum's field program in Spanish Colonial Archeology and was part of a team that developed the most comprehensive, systematically organized Spanish Colonial collections in the world.

Maurice converts information to knowledge and is highly adept at researching and evaluating properties in order to help his clients find the right property to purchase. Good decisions are based on good information so Maurice takes as much time as necessary to educate his clients. His own experience in developing, purchasing, selling and renovating properties has developed his skills for both identifying and evaluating the right properties and negotiating the terms of sale.

Maurice has won several awards for the renovation and preservation of historic properties. He is thoroughly familiar with, and knowledgeable, of market conditions and the purchase process. Maurice takes the information and technology available and focuses it into actionable client service. His clients appreciate and quickly understand the value of being personally represented in the real estate transaction process.

Maurice’s wife, Yvonne, is a radiation oncologist at the Seby B. Jones Cancer Center in Boone and hospital Chief of Staff. Together, they have two sons and moved to Blowing Rock in 1997. Since returning, Maurice has been involved in the real estate industry. He coordinated the construction of his family's home in Blowing Rock in an outstanding neighborhood that he developed. Maurice and Yvonne's two sons are attending the University of Utah where, in addition to their studies, they enjoy their love for skiing and snowboarding, which they both developed at Blowing Rock's own Appalachian Ski Mountain

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Maurice Williams Jr.


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Violation

    Any abuse, disobedience, lawbreaking, transgression, or wrongdoing. It may result in punishment or litigation. ...

  • Recovery Period

    Period of time during which a complainant in a real estate transaction can seek a financial recovery from a licensed real estate broker or agent. The time period is determined by state statute. ...

  • Asset

    Entity with exchange or commercial value, such as the book value of property owned by an insurance company as listed on its balance sheet. ...

  • Independent Practice Association (ipa)

    Type of health maintenance organization (HMO) that issues contracts to independent physicians. These physicians are paid a per visit fee for seeing an HMO member or are paid an annual fixed sum. The HMO members are covered only when they use an HMO hospital or physician. ...

  • Put Option

    Right to sell a given security at a stipulated price until a future expiration date. For example, assume the "None-Do-Well" company's stock has a market value of $20. Investor A sells Investor B an option (right) to buy Investor A's shares in the "None-Do-Well" company at a price of $25, good until ...

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