Michael Grace

Michael Grace

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Michael Grace is a Licensed Realtor® in the state of Florida, and a graduate with a BA in Economics from San Diego State University. He is also a licensed Insurance Agent and former Loan Officer with Purchase and Refinance Loan experience. As a Refinance Specialist he completed 'The Vermillion Consulting Creative Equity Training Program' as well as 'Xinnix Edge' training. With personal and professional experience in ALL THREE of these areas, Michael is considered an EXPERT Realtor®, and he takes pride in helping people:


  • List their home for sale with methods for achieving the highest purchase price on it
  • Find fantastic readily available homes while negotiating the best price for your purchase
  • Make sense of investment property transactions, including flips and rentals
  • Search for vacation homes to purchase for personal use and/or rental income
  • Upsize or Downsize homes when life dictates different personal needs


If you are expecting exceptional customer service look no further. Michael believes that not every Realtor is a good Realtor, and some can be dismissive at times. Therefore, he makes it a professional point to make sure your Real Estate experience is the best that it can be. Referrals of your family and friends are the highest compliment he can receive, and he works to earn them from you.

After all, your most important investment doesn't fit into a safety deposit box!

Contact him today and start your new future today!


5048 Dr Philips Blvd , Orlando - FL 32819

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Reduction of part of the balance of property by charging an expense or loss account. The reason for a write-down is that some economic event has occurred indicating that the asset's value has diminished....

Law of the state establishing guidelines and requirements for constructing buildings. The standard may differ between the states....

Request for life insurance coverage by an individual, not through an agent or broker. It is given extra scrutiny by an insurance company because of the possibility of self-selection, which is the likelihood that poorer risks will seek insurance on their own initiative. ...