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Michael Grace, a graduate with a BA in Economics from San Diego State University, is a Licensed Insurance Agent and Licensed Realtor®. In insurance he is one of the few Obamacare/Patient Protection Act consultants remaining in the state of Florida. As a Realtor® he was also a Refinance Specialist and has completed 'The Vermillion Consulting Creative Equity Training Program' as well as 'Xinnix Edge' training. He is considered an EXPERT in his professions and he takes pride in providing the best protections, great home loan and real estate advice, as well as exceptional customer service. He believes that referrals are the highest compliment he can receive.

Your most important investment doesn't fit into a safety deposit box!

I help successful professionals and companies make large financial strides and avoid failure using my knowledge in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Annuities, Commercial Insurance, Refinance Loans, Purchase Loans, Commercial Lending, Real Estate, and Real Estate Leasing opportunities.

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Appreciation

    Increase in the value of real estate. ...

  • Write-down

    Reduction of part of the balance of property by charging an expense or loss account. The reason for a write-down is that some economic event has occurred indicating that the asset's value has diminished. ...

  • State Housing Act

    Law of the state establishing guidelines and requirements for constructing buildings. The standard may differ between the states. ...

  • Unsolicited Application

    Request for life insurance coverage by an individual, not through an agent or broker. It is given extra scrutiny by an insurance company because of the possibility of self-selection, which is the likelihood that poorer risks will seek insurance on their own initiative. ...

  • Water Pollution Liability

    Obligations of shipowners for water polluted by spills from their ships. If a ship discharges oil or other polluting or hazardous substances into the water, the shipowner is responsible either for removing them, paying for their removal, or, if the substances cannot be removed, paying a fine. Follow ...

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