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My name is Michele Burch and I am a full time Realtor with Exit Preferred Realty. I would define myself as an energetic sales and marketing professional with a strong history of getting cllients to the settlement table. My skills include creating effective marketing plans that get properties sold in the shortest time at the best price, negotiating offers, managing the entire transaction from start to finish to help clients make a smooth transition and taking the time to help people find the home the really works for them. 

 My excellent relationships with customers have lead to referral sales. I pride myself on keeping in close contact with my clients throughout the buying and selling process so we stay in sync. I can assist with military transfers, and relocation.  If you have a real estate question about the following towns: Elkton, Chesapeake City, Earleville, Cecilton, North East, New Castle, Middletown or Bear and surrounding areas please call me.

Michele  Burch
EXIT Preferred Realty

EXIT Preferred Realty

Michele  Burch


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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
GRI Graduate REALTOR Institute
The Multiple Listing Service Mark member badge

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How A Good Bio Can Kickstart Your Real Estate Career

How A Good Bio Can Kickstart Your Real Estate Career

As a real estate agent, it’s no secret that marketing is the key to good sales numbers. You’re not just selling real estate; you’re selling yourself. How you are perceived as a professional is the most important, most crucial and most notable aspect of your job. Regardless which region you live in, what type of real estate you sell or what you do in ...

Homebuyer Tips

Real Estate Niche: Green Homes

Real Estate Niche: Green Homes

Life in the 21st century is coming with some very welcome changes. Nowadays, it’s becoming more approachable to have a lifestyle that allows you to live more harmoniously with your environment. We're heading towards a much broader path towards sustainability. People are looking into what a sustainable lifestyle would ask of them, and what changes they would have ...

How Your Appearance Affects Your Sales

How Your Appearance Affects Your Sales

As a real estate professional, you’ve probably heard one person or another talk about “dressing for success” while they show you their new watch or tailored suit. This expression is used broadly in a lot of different ways, but in the world of real estate it actually holds a lot more meaning than you might imagine. A crucial aspect of working as a ...

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Restoring A Repossessed Home: Dealing With Damage

Restoring A Repossessed Home: Dealing With Damage

For a person who’s got an enterprising spirit, the world is full of money-making opportunities. From investment to entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned hard work, there is almost no set of circumstances that can keep a sharp-witted business man or woman down financially. Everyone gets knocked down from time to time; what’s important is how you go about ...

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How To Build Confidence As A Realtor

 How To Build Confidence As A Realtor

If you’re just starting out in the world of real estate, you’ll quickly find out just how important it is to be confident. As is the case in many other business sectors, what you’re selling isn’t as important as the way in which you sell it. The better your pitch, the more likely people are to buy, and the best way to improve your pitch is by ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Tax Basis

    The cost of property, such as a home owned for tax purposes. For example, a home was purchased for $150,000. capital improvements to it cost $15,000. The house was later sold for $230,000. the gain on sale is $65,000 ($230,000-$165,000). ...

  • Consolidated Captive

    Consolidation of a non insurance parent company with its wholly owned subsidiary, thereby creating, allowable under current tax law, a consolidated balance sheet. This consolidation of balance sheets permits the offsetting of underwriting losses with taxable income of a non insurance subsidiary. ...

  • Fraudulent Claim

    Demand without foundation, such as a claim submitted to an insurance company by an insured who caused a loss, or for a loss that never occurred. ...

  • Standard Fire Policy Analysis

    Method of rating that compares property to be insured to a standard and adjusts the rate for deviations from the standard. A standard building is situated in a standard city of specific construction with specified fire protection. Other risks are compared to the standard and given credits or debits ...

Real Estate FAQ

  • Is Boca Raton A Rich Area?

    The city of Boca Raton is located on Florida’s southeastern edge, with Fort Lauderdale and Mia ...

  • Where Is Alexandria VA?

    The city of Alexandria, Virginia, is an independent municipality that pertains to the Commonwealth o ...

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