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Someone told me recently, "You are not the typical Realtor" and the more and more I think about that, I realize how true that is!  When I look around my industry, the "average" real estate agent lives below the poverty level in this country, selling a few homes per year, some working part-time, and many are not committed to long term successful business in real estate.   Here are a few things I would like for you to know.


First, All Agents are Not alike!  I am a full time REALTOR® and have worked this as my only source of income since 2000.  This is my career and full time business, and I see myself as a consultant, a guide to help my clients meet their long term real estate needs and home-owning goals.  My goal is to help my clients WIN whether it's in a Buyer's market or a Seller's Market!


My promise to you:

  • I won't ever sugarcoat what is (or isn't) happening in the local market

  • I will work to be a great resource for local area knowledge

  • I will continue to "always" put my client's needs first, even if it is to the detriment of my own bottom line.

  • I will never give you advice on selling or buying without first listening to what your needs, hopes and dreams are.

  • I will stay in communication with you after you purchase your home or sell your home with me, both as a resource for contractors/painters/handymen/etc… but also for continued information on the real estate market.

  • I will never tell you "it's a good time to buy" unless I know for a fact it matches your personal situation.

  • I will also never tell you "it's a good time to sell" unless I know for a fact that it makes sense for your personal situation.

  • I will take your phone calls, answer your emails and always keep you in the loop when we are working towards a sale or purchase.

  • I will continue to attend conferences to stay in on top of legislative changes that effect home ownership and the real estate market…. And to expand my vast real estate network.

  • When you ask me "How's the market?" I will give you an honest answer, and the data to back it up.


Most important to me at the end of the day is whether I helped my clients accomplish what they set out to do.  Were they happy with the outcome, and did I do everything in my power to help them get there?  I know not every real estate Agent uses that as their guiding principle, but they should.  If you decide to do business with me, that's what you will get!  I promise.

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Mickey Hyams

Mickey Hyams


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