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Welcome to, our informative and  easy to navigate website.  We love Bardstown, Kentucky, our quaint small town with it's many festivals and hometown hospitality.  We recently won Best of The Road & Rand McNally's "Most Beautiful Small Town in America" title.  Come visit us to see  why,  and while you are here  also take a look at our committment to excellence in the Bardstown &  Nelson County real estate industry.    We are hopeful that our website will assist you with your online property search.  We  are able to  assist you with all your real estate needs.  Whether it be buying or selling,   As  lifelong residents of Nelson County,  We are  very familiar with this area and encourage you to contact us at your convenience.   

1-502-510-0515  Or 1-502-510-0514


Mike & Kathy Ballard

Mike & Kathy Ballard


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Change Order

    Revised specifications requiring a modification in work. ...

  • Gross Leasable Area (GLA)

    Building's total floor area, in square feet, designed for tenant leasing. The GLA in normally calculated from the outside walls to any existing room partitions. ...

  • Legal Name

    One's given name at birth including a first name, a possible middle name, and a surname. The legal name must be used to legally sign documents, deeds, or contracts. ...

  • Authorized User

    Someone authorized by the original credit card holder to use the holder's card. While authorized users are not responsible for paying any charges, including their own, they are sometimes dunned for the unpaid bills of the card holder. ...

  • Rate Protection

    Protection for a borrower against the danger that rates will rise between the time the borrower applies for a loan and the time the loan closes. Rate protection can take the form of a lock, where the rate and points are frozen at their initial levels until the loan closes, or a float-down, where ...

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