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I am a member of the Charlotte Board of Realtors, North Carolina Board of REALTORS®, North Carolina State Bar. As a Realtor, I ensure that my clients are well informed and fiercely represented throughout their real estate process. Because every client and every transaction is unique, it is important to that you have a experienced and caring advocate!

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Land Lease

    A ground lease that includes only the cost of leasing the land for a period of years. Normally, a land lease is valid for an extended period of time anticipating that improvements will be constructed on the property. ...

  • Seizin

    Individual who enjoy a freehold land right. ...

  • Gift In Trust

    Value or property given by an individual to a trustee who holds and administers it for the benefit of the donee (recipient of the gift). For example, a father entrusts a life insurance policy with all ownership rights to a trustee. The trustee owns the policy, collects the proceeds, and administers ...

  • Nonproportional Facultative Reinsurance

    Coverage in which an insurer is not bound to cede and a reinsurer is not bound to accept a risk. A separate reinsurance contract covers each cession. The contract is automatically renewed if the original insurance is renewed. Casualty facultative reinsurance is usually written on excess of loss basi ...

  • Pure Annuity

    Contract sold by insurance companies that pays a monthly (quarterly, semiannual, or annual) income benefit for the life of a person (the annuitant). The annuitant can never outlive the income from the annuity. Upon the death of the annuitant all income payments cease. There are no beneficiary benefi ...

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