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About Myrna Strain

A skillful educator and facilitator with general management experience in the airline industry; an innovative executive and consultant in Human Resources and operations in the retail industry; a creative entrepreneur with demonstrated ability to design and maintain an infrastructure: a knowledgeable and customer oriented real estate agent with a proven track record.

I have been a Realtor since 2005 and have always been awarded the Presidential Award for sales yearly. Each new customer is a start- up venture, and I approach that relationship with knowledge and experience to ensure a successful and pleasurable outcome. My extensive travel has also provided me with an invaluable education and many friends around the world. I look forward to meeting each new customer.

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Myrna  Strain

Myrna Strain


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Assessment Ratio

    Relationship between a real estate's assessed valuation and its market value. ...

  • Latent Defect

    A hidden or overlooked defect that may manifest itself at a later point in time. For example, a defect in a water pipe is not immediately discovered, and it later results in a massive water pipe failure resulting in severe flooding and water damage. ...

  • Qualification Ratios

    Requirements stipulated by the lender that the ratio of housing expense to borrower income and the ratio of housing expense plus other debt service to borrower income cannot exceed specified maximums, e.g., 28% and 35%. These may reflect the maximums specified by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; th ...

  • Accelerated Option

    Life insurance policy provision under which the policyholder may apply the accumulated cash value, in the form of a single premium payment, to pay up the policy or to mature the policy as an endowment. ...

  • Static Risk

    Damage or destruction of property and/or property that is illegally transferred as the result of misconduct of individuals. The risk is insurable. ...

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