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Neil Blindauer

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It feels great to know that I am one of the top local real estate agents in Globe. My website has a ton of resources that can help you search for your new home. Feel free to use my website, free of charge and with no strings attached. If you need representation or just have any questions at all, I'm always here to help. Call me today!


6170 W Chandler Blvd #14 , Chandler - AZ 85226

Office: 1-480-797-1824

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

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One who represents a zone such an elected leader of a region. He or she have dealings with the county's officials in matters affecting that zone....

A plan purporting to protect FHA homebuyers against property defects....

Procedure, in insurance, used in time series analysis to smooth out irregularities in projections of loss expectations. Irregularities to be smoothed out include: loss experience that is not homogeneous, loss experience from early policy years not representative of current loss experience, adverse...