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Originally from the small Caribbean Island of Dominican Republic, I moved to New York to pursue a career in business administration and to become an Interior Decorator. Graduate of business at Westchester Community College, I studied marketing, advertising, and retail. I also studied photography, accounting and computer programing. I went on to work as a manager for some of the largest chain stores in the country, such as Bed Bath and beyond and Macy’s. I am Fluent in Spanish, which I can also read and write. I like to think that I have a great understanding of people's needs and I am dedicated to making their real estate experience positive. After becoming a mother and in need of a more flexible schedule a friend invited me to join Houlihan Lawrence Real State Company in Westchester, New York. It was in this company that I learned from the best trainers to become a top award winning agent and discovered my passion for residential real estate. In 2006 my husband, three sons and I moved to Palm Beach County, Florida and fell in love with the state of Florida. There is so much to see and do here! My kids, now college aged, love to enjoy the easy commute to any other part of the state. It is so easy to go from here to Miami, Orlando, Tampa and all the other beautiful cities the sunshine state has to offer. It is here that I love to live and to work. My market is big and diversified and extends from Jupiter to Miami. My knowledge of the area is very extensive. I specialize in residential property as well as new constructions and large high rises all along the cost extending as far as the glamorous South Beach. I like to listen to each one of my client’s needs and wants. I show them all possible options that best fit their lifestyle. I do my best to develop rapport and understanding between myself and my clients. Many of my buyers and sellers become good friends after getting to know and working with me. I guide and educate them during the steps of the real estate process so they can arrive at the best decision. Utilizing my experience and strong customer service skills, my goal is to make the process of selling or buying as enjoyable as possible. I do my absolute best to help clients rent and buy the most suitable properties for their needs, and over the course of my career I have enjoyed a positive response from those who would now work with no one else. My goal is to work as hard as I can for every Seller or Buyer and be as accessible and approachable as possible until their dreams are fulfilled.

Neolfi Hentze
Atlantic Florida Properties

Atlantic Florida Properties

Neolfi Hentze


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What Not To Fix When Selling A House

What Not To Fix When Selling A House

Living in a society based on consumerism, we are used to everything we buy being in perfect shape. We send back articles of clothing that don’t fit instead of altering them at a sewist; We return an appliance if it has a visible scratch; We go back to the store to return a product that doesn’t fit our expectations even if we purchased it ourselves from the ...

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Up Your Realtor Game With Latest Real Estate Technology

Up Your Realtor Game With Latest Real Estate Technology

Saying that today's world is vastly different from the world most of us grew up in is an understatement. Still, even if we look back 5 or 10 years from now, our daily lives were vastly different then than they are now. That is the result of technological advancements that trickled down into every aspect of our lives. From how we do our jobs to how we look for a home, ...

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Word Of Mouth: The Best Advertising Tool A Realtor Can Use

Word Of Mouth: The Best Advertising Tool A Realtor Can Use

As a real estate agent, there are a lot of ways to get your name out there. From business cards to billboards and advertisements on search engines, there’s no shortage of marketing tools that you can and should use to your advantage as a real estate professional. Each of these tools can be useful in its own rite, but there’s one tool that you’re ...

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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Spend On Marketing?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Spend On Marketing?

If you’re just starting out in the real estate business, you might currently be a bit overwhelmed by everything at your disposal in your new role. There’s so much you need to learn, so many new techniques you can use, and so many new people to meet. The world of real estate is more akin to an ocean than anything else, with all the depth and variety ...

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How To Retain Your Real Estate Clients Effectively?

How To Retain Your Real Estate Clients Effectively?

The professional practice of the real estate business as a genuine magician is like being in a relationship. In the beginning, you may be lucky and dazzle your soulmate with your looks and expertise. As a result, you get to close the deal. Then, it’s official: you’re together. But for how long? An excellent suitor and skilled ‘hunter’ can conquer ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Building Paper

    See building permit. ...

  • Circlehead Window

    Half oval window. It is usually small and placed over a doorway serving a decorative purpose. In some case, the window may be mounted with a hinge at either end to a permit opening for ventilation. ...

  • Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC)

    Holding pool of mortgages. It is marketed as a tax exempt mortgage backed security for investors. ...

  • Additional Living Expense Insurance

    Additional Living Expense Insurance is a type of coverage present on several types of Homeowner’s Insurance that reimburses additional costs caused because of the insured’s claim. Let’s put it in a scenario so it’s easier to visualize: Homeowner Sarah has her house trashed ...

  • Dismemberment Benefit

    Income paid under health insurance for loss of use of various parts of the body due to an accident. A schedule of benefits available in a policy lists payments for each part of the body that is dismembered. ...

  • Political Risk Insurance: Unfair Calling Of Demand Bonds

    Insurance coverage that protects the exporter (even though the exporter may be in total compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract) in the event a foreign government calls the demand bonds. For example, after the Shah of Iran was overthrown, the new government called in the demand bond ...

  • Reinsurance Credit

    credit reflected on a ceding company's annual statement, showing reinsurance premiums ceded and losses recoverable from the reinsurer. ...

  • Sources Of Income

    In insurance, company revenues from underwriting and investment. Insurance companies make money first, by underwriting good risks so that their premium dollars cover claims losses and expenses (the money left over being called underwriting income), and second, by investing premium dollars until clai ...

  • Voyage Policy

    Ocean marine insurance covering one trip. Ocean marine insurance is written either for a specific time period or per trip. A voyage policy is usually written for cargo, whereas a time policy covers a ship. ...

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