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Nora Sienra started working with Chateaux Realty in the spring of 2016. As an agent, she is fully committed to the Research Triangle area and to her employer. She quickly came to value the real estate company as a place where she could shine. And she’s fit in perfectly.

She shares an abiding interest with Janeth Moran, the broker-in-charge at Chateaux Realty, in educating clients so that they understand the home-buying and house-selling processes more thoroughly. Through a keen attention to detail and a strong desire to see each family invest in the perfect home for their unique situation, Nora has developed a reputation for excellence along with a mutual appreciation and deep friendship with her employer.

Moving East

Originally from Argentina, Nora attended the Universidad de Rosario. From there, she moved to California to realize what she and her family expected of the “American Dream.” A big part of that dream involves homeownership, so she’s delighted to play a pivotal role in helping others achieve that dream. She’s now devoting her career and her life to making it a reality for many families.

With a professional background in sales and sales management in the dental industry, Nora realized that her skills and passion ideally were suited to real estate. In 2004, Nora and her family moved to Hillsborough, NC, where she eventually found her niche with Janeth and Chateaux Realty.

Nora loves the diversity of the scenery, people and cultures in the Triangle area. She enjoys her memberships in various professional real estate associations, as well the time she gets to spend with her family. Nora shares an interest in travel with the rest of the team at Chateaux. She also enjoys reading and bible studies in her spare time.

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Living In Miami FL, America

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Living In Port Charlotte, Florida

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  • Actual Age

    There’s no mystery. The actual age of a property is the chronological age of a property. Say a house was built two decades ago. That house’s actual age is 20 years old.The counterpart to it is the Effective Age, which refers to the state the property is currently in.So, do you know how s ...

  • Bank Letter

    (1) Provided by a commercial or savings bank to the real estate company itself or to another party for documentation purposes. Such a letter may be needed by a prospective condominium owner to document his/her bank balance for a condominium board deciding whether to accept him/her; also a prospectiv ...

  • Fixed Income

    Financial instrument such as a fixed dollar annuity or bond that pays a minimum periodic income at a minimum guaranteed rate of interest. ...

  • Law Of Large Numbers

    Mathematical premise stating that the greater the number of exposures, (1) the more accurate the prediction; (2) the less the deviation of the actual losses from the expected losses (X - x approaches zero); and (3) the greater the credibility of the prediction (credibility approaches 1). This law fo ...

  • Welfare And Pension Plans Disclosure Act

    Federal law that requires administrators of pension plans with more than 25 participants to file a plan description with the U.S. Department of Labor. A plan description includes schedules of benefits, type of administration, and copies of the plan. If the plan has more than 100 participants, the ad ...

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