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Originally from Kingston Jamaica, where I worked for the House or Representative, I later moved to the Fort Lauderdale where I lived and worked in the Health Care field for over 14 years and acquired a BA in Criminal Justice and also an MBA. My belief's in life is that we treat people the way we would like to be treated. I initially wanted to be in Law enforcement because I thought that would be a place where I could contribute to making a difference, faith would have it I loved the health care field so I stayed doing what I enjoyed.

Three years ago someone told me the lord had instructed them to inform me that real estate is where I needed to be. I wondered why? when I don't have a desire for that field, but what I do have is a desire to serve, a desire to make a difference in people's life. The same day my mother told me that she was thinking real estate would be a good area for me, so I thought this could not be a coincident. I decided to be obedient and take the real estate class and get my license. Now here I am! trying to do something that I know will be a blessing to others, a home gives security and comfort and I am looking forward to helping families find that and more.

I am a flexible person so I am open to providing great services. I may not be the most experience agent, no one really is; but with the experience and training I have obtained and continue to obtain I know that I have, can and will provide the best services possible to all my customers.

This is my new Journey, I would love to share it with you.

Please call me today.

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Odette Potter

Odette Potter



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