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My goal working with my clients is to provide the best service possible taping into my years of experience & knowledge of the industry. I would love to help you with your Real Estate needs!!

Working with my Sellers, I am very thorough helping them prepare their home for sale to net them the most return possible & price correctly to get it sold. I have a great photographer. I do very extensive advertising to assure maximum exposure. I gather all info needed for the sale before listing, making it very simple for agents to present an offer. I am very seasoned at negotiating inspection lists & have a team of vendors for any items that arise. My goal is get my Sellers the maximum price for their home protecting them all the way through the Selling process.

With Buyers, I will work tirelessly to find their perfect home, no matter how many homes we have to view to find it. Once under contract, I go over & above during due diligence, bringing in my expert inspector to find any defects in the home. Then I address any items that arise to make sure they are buying a home in good condition and all issues are resolved. I am a very good negotiator getting my Buyers in a home at the best price possible. I protect my Buyers all the way through the Buying process.

I love my work & take pride in taking very good care of my Clients!!

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Houston Real Estate Market Overview Of 2022

Houston Real Estate Market Overview Of  2022

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It has shown steady growth and development, as well as a diverse economy and relatively low unemployment rates. It is one of the best destinations for long-term real estate investment or a job in this sphere. It offers an excellent quality of life, highly-developed infrastructure, and many career opportunities. So ...

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Black Friday Bucketlist For Realtors

Black Friday Bucketlist For Realtors

The real estate industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Looking at what real estate was and meant over 30 years ago and what it means now, we will see visible changes. The era of technology and modernization has stepped up this field. If we look at the tools real estate agents use nowadays, we can observe a change in modernization and adaptability to the ...

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What Sells A House

What Sells A House

Do you remember the first impression you had when you bought your house? Maybe the wall color in the bedroom stood out or some weird tiling choices. When it comes to home buyers, interior design choices can attract them or send them running. Many things make or break a sale, and a homeowner who’s putting their home on the market will only benefit from knowing what ...

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10 Things That Could Turn Off Homebuyers

10 Things That Could Turn Off Homebuyers

Selling your house is a challenging decision to make. Giving up the place you’ve made life-long memories is emotionally consuming. But you might need a bigger home or want to relocate to a new city. Thus going through the selling process is unavoidable. First time selling a house? There are several aspects you should consider. You need information about the local ...

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What Not To Fix When Selling A House

What Not To Fix When Selling A House

Living in a society based on consumerism, we are used to everything we buy being in perfect shape. We send back articles of clothing that don’t fit instead of altering them at a sewist; We return an appliance if it has a visible scratch; We go back to the store to return a product that doesn’t fit our expectations even if we purchased it ourselves from the ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Capital Lease

    Rental in which the lessee obtains major property rights. Although not legally a purchase of property, theoretical substance governs over legal form and requires that the leased property be recorded as an asset on the lessees books. The asset equals present value of the minimum lease payments and th ...

  • Commercial Broker

    Real estate broker specializing in the listing and selling of commercial property. This property can include apartments, businesses, hotels, industrial, retail or wholesale uses. ...

  • Tax Deed

    Document evidencing the passage of title to a purchaser of property sold for taxes. The tax deed is issued upon foreclosure of the property lien. Typically, there is a grace time period permitting the owner to make good on the delinquent taxes in order to redeem the property. ...

  • Scheduled Mortgage Payment

    The amount the borrower is obliged to pay each period, including interest, principal, and mortgage insurance, under the terms of the mortgage contract. Paying less than the scheduled amount results in delinquency; paying more results in a partial prepayment. On FRMs and ARMs that do not allow nega ...

  • Forty-five Year Rule

    One of three ways vesting must occur in a pension plan under the employee retirement income security act of 1974 (ERISA). An employee is entitled to 50% of his or her benefits after 10 years of employment, or when the total years of service (at least 5) and the employee's age equal 45, whichever is ...

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