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My Brand is BY GOD's GRACE! It is time to TAKE GOD PUBLIC!

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Hello! If you were led to this page, I want to thank you in advance for investing your time to read about my journey to know GOD in greater ways and to manifest His assignment through me on earth as it is in heaven. I pray you will be blessed and inspired!

I have served GOD's people in this industry for 33 consecutive years thus far.

My purpose is to be authentic, open and transparent to share with you the transformation of my mind in the last 22 years, when GOD gave me His name!

In 2000 my CPA suggested I incorporate my business to place me in a position of strength in the industry. I needed a name. At that time the trend was "Last name & Associates." GOD gave me His name and I couldn't shake it! My office manager at the time said, "You know that name will not appeal to everyone?" I was OK with that! But I had no idea the persecution that was in store for me!

GOD also gave me Joshua 1:3-9 as my mission statement. Later I realized GOD gave me His name to humble and prepare me to know Him in greater ways.

Eventhough I grew up in church, I was not prepared for what the real estate industry had for me, as I carried GOD's name and scriptures.

Many comments were great and encouraging but why did I focus on the negativity? The evil one was on my shoulders everytime I wanted to grow the business and advertise. "Don't do that!" "You don't want to misrepresent GOD!" "Oh they will come after you if you say that!" I had nightmares that terrified me! I went into a shell and a very dark place. My daughter suggested I get professional help. How do you tell your daughter that you were afraid? But what therapist, mentor or psychologist had experienced anything similar to this?

I had bitten off way more than I could chew and swallow at one time!

GOD took me under His wing and provided and protected me as He sowed seed and taught me to spend time with Him, trust in Him and get to know Him in greater ways.

I have been blessed in this business, spreading GOD's name, praying for His people and walking out their journeys to their next assignments. I held very tightly to Joshua 1:3-9, 2 Samuel 22 and John 14: 30B-31.

As my evolution continues, GOD has given me a borderless brokerage to spread His name around the globe as By GOD's Grace Global R E Group!

The world keeps negativity before you each and everyday through what you see and hear.

It's time to see GOD's name and be reminded of what you already know! By GOD's Grace, your sins are forgiven, By GOD's Grace, there is no condemnation through Christ Jesus and By GOD's Grace, you are free indeed to lead a life that is pleasing to GOD!

GOD will not give you an assignment you can accomplish in your own strength! Its bigger than me and the greater good is at stake! John 14: 12-14

If you are a Seller that needs to move to your next assignment in the kingdom. Allow me to advertise GOD's name and scripture in the marketplace through the largest digital cloud brokerage that has a global reach to share your property around the world. We will find the best, most qualified buyer(s) for the product we offer in the market.

If you are a licensed agent, broker or office owner that wants to scale your business and create generational wealth for your children's children, reduce your overhead and gain the advantages that comes with the leverage of 85,000+ agents around the globe. Whether your focus is commercial, residential, luxury or land, we have opportunities to train, mentor, market and grow your business beyond your dreams and generate multiple streams of income.

By GOD's Grace Global R E Group would be honored to have you join our group under eXp Realty, LLC to spread GOD's name, enhance your relationship with GOD, or begin a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and sell millions of dollars of real estate around the globle!

We serve a UBIQUITOUS GOD!!! He is everywhere all the time! We have a gift of the Holy Spirit as our ACTIVE GOD on earth!

Adam and Eve did not complete their assignment! When we are unified in the kingdom, GOD's people are UNSTOPPABLE! Gen 11:1-9 Let's make desolate places like gardens of Eden! As people speak GOD's name, He can touch their hearts and change the world for the better! May the army of the Lord, rise up!

GOD inspired Revelation produces a Kingdom Revolution!

I have been sent as a vessel to do Marketplace Ministry for the kingdom of GOD!

"Everywhere there is a sign is a branch on GOD's vine!" John 15: 1-7

Proverbs 16:3 Commit they works unto the LORD and thy thoughts shall be established."

Patricia Ann Jackson
By GOD's Grace Global Real Estate Group

By GOD's Grace Global Real Estate Group

Patricia Ann Jackson


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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Crossover

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  • Contingent Liability (vicarious Liability)

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  • Debit System

    Same as term Debit Insurance: life insurance on which a premium is collected on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, usually at the home of a policyholder. The face value of the policy is usually $1000 or less. ...

  • Electronic Data Interchange (edi)

    Method used to reduce workers compensation insurance costs by using a single database system to electronically link claims administration, medical claim costs, risk management, and vendor services. EDI can reduce errors in claims handling thereby making the process more efficient. Also, EDI permits ...

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