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About Patricia Cooper

I have closed over 1600 transactions. There are very few situations that I have not encountered and overcame to get to the settlement table. Listening to my customers and empowering them with my experience is my number one priority.

I enjoy my career because it gives me the opportunity to educate others on a topic that interest me. I am fascinated by the architectural design of homes, the floor plan designs, the art of the deal and the pure enjoyment of meeting my customers demands. 

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Patricia Cooper

Patricia Cooper


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Double Floor

    A floor where the binding joists support the common joists above and the ceiling below. ...

  • Nonforfeiture Reduced Paid-up Benefit

    Right of a policyholder in life insurance with cash value to elect a smaller, fully paid-up policy, without any further premiums to pay. The amount of the paid-up policy is determined by the insured's age and the cash surrender value. ...

  • Renewal Expenses

    Costs associated with renewal commissions as a percentage of the renewal premiums, and the servicing charges for previously issued insurance policies. ...

  • Urban Development Act Of 1970

    Law that provided for federal crime insurance. Because private insurance is not available for business owners and residents of certain high-crime areas, the act provides that the federal insurance administration write the coverage. Private insurers service the program. ...

  • Tax Lien

    Claim against property for payment of taxes. Life insurance proceeds and annuity benefits are protected against certain creditors of the insured, but the federal government is not one of them. Thus life insurance and annuity benefits can be held liable if the federal government has a tax lien agains ...

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