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Pon Winstead

Coldwell Banker

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Hello, I'm Pon, your dedicated real estate professional with a passion for excellence in service.

What sets me apart is my expertise in marketing management. I understand that a strategic marketing approach is crucial in today's competitive real estate landscape. Leveraging cutting-edge marketing techniques, I go beyond traditional methods to showcase your property in the best light. From professional photography and compelling property descriptions to targeted online and offline campaigns, I utilize a comprehensive marketing strategy to maximize the visibility of your property.

I believe in building lasting relationships with my clients. Listening to your unique needs and preferences, I tailor my services to exceed your expectations. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property, I am committed to guiding you through the entire process with transparency, integrity, and a focus on achieving your real estate goals.

Beyond the realm of real estate, I am actively involved in the Wilmington community through PTA at the local schools in the area. I understand the importance of being well-connected and engaged in the local area. I am also a small business owner so I understand the need to support and give back to our community.

I am truly dedicated and it would be an honor to to be able to assist you with any and all of your real estate needs.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your real estate dreams. Feel free to contact me at (336) 336-662-5427 or [email protected]

Thank you for considering me as your trusted real estate partner!



110 Dungannon Blvd., Suite 100 , Wimington - NC 28403

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Amount of money that must be charged or invested in the initial stage of a business transaction to demonstrate good faith as well as to help offset some expenses. For example, the customary 10% deposit on the initiation of an agreement of sale is a form of front-end money required to initiate the co...

Use of a parcel of land that will produce the greatest current value....

A contractual clause where one party assumes a liability risk for another. Thus, a hold harmless clause effectively indemnifies the named party from any liability by transferring the risk to another. For example, John agrees to lease a retail store from Brian under the condition that John will be he...

Combined action of two or more people either for or against something. In real estate, used to indicate a common property ownership interest. Joint is also used to indicate a shared liability in terms of a contractual relationship....