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Pon Winstead

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Originally from Florida, I moved to North Carolina to earn a Management and Marketing degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. As passionate as I am about eastern North Carolina and everything that it has to offer, making Wilmington our home seemed like a natural fit to raise my family. My background is in hospitality, retail management, graphic design and marketing and then owner/operator of a custom cake business. I am self-taught and trained which displays determination and drive for success.

After 11 years providing a quality product, independently building a brand, and establishing loyal business, I have earned the trust of many customers and friends. I take the time to learn about each event so that I can create a memorable moment while building relationships with excellent service. The product may be different but the foundation of my work ethic is solid to transfer to any industry or transaction. My career path has given me the desired traits and strong skill set to help make a house your home down to the tiniest detail.

My husband and I have three children, one sweet German Shepherd, and I am actively a part of the PTA organizations at their school and my community. My daily routine allows me to be flexible, disciplined as well as improvise as things constantly change in order to find a solution. Along with baking, I love to tackle all Pinterest projects big and small.

I would love to be a part of your real estate journey whether it is buying or selling property. I can ensure it will be a sweet and seamless process because I will always strive for more than what is expected. Putting your trust in me starts with a phone call!


1612 Military Cutoff Rd, #200 , Wimington - NC 28403

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