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About Rachel Stoltzfus

Rachel's excellence services stem from 15 years of extensive building knowledge and owning a construction business. She knows quality real estate and provides eager presentation. Rachel's approach to real estate is focused around getting to know clients personal needs and bringing versatility. Her passion is to help her clients make the best decisions with real estate investments. Buying and selling is an incredible experience with Rachel! She was raised in the Amish community, where she lived all her life. Has 6 children and 12 grandchildren. Enjoys going to the beach and riding her motorcycle.

Iron Valley Real Estate Of Lancaster

Rachel Stoltzfus Iron Valley Real Estate Of Lancaster

Rachel Stoltzfus


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Standby Loan

    Short-term loan that is made to bridge the term between the end of one loan and the beginning of another. ...

  • Binder

    Temporary insurance contract providing coverage until a permanent policy is issued. In property and casualty insurance, some agents have authority to bind the insurance company to cover until a policy can be issued. For example, the purchaser of an automobile can call the agent, who can then bind th ...

  • Issue Department

    Department in an insurance company that prepares policies to be sent to the policyholder, sends the policies, and keeps records of the policies that were sent. ...

  • Master Contract

    Same as term Master policy: single contract coverage on a group basis issued to an employer. Group members receive certificates as evidence of membership summarizing benefits provided. ...

  • S Corporations

    Corporations that have elected to be taxed according to the provisions of Sub chapter S of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to qualify under these provisions, the corporation can have only one class of stock. By so qualifying, tax is eliminated at the corporate level and the shareholders are taxe ...

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