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19026 Brewsty Downs Blvd , Tampa - FL 33647

About Regina Ramalheira

I am your trusted resource and partner for buying or selling an existing home with comprehensive
market strategies and skills. I can also help you find a rental. What I love best is helping you buy “New Construction”. Builders Reps work for the builder, having a Realtor working for you is in your best interest.

I have lived in the Tampa bay area since 1881 and consider myself a neighborhood expert by
knowing the complexities and amenities. I am a master of negotiation, by being a student of the
industry. I offer detailed contract to closing communication and continue to keep in touch after the sale. My goal is for you to be my advocate and cheerleader and a big part of my referral business.

Specialties: Residential Real Estate in the Tampa bay area, serving buyers, sellers, owners and tenants.

I look forward to providing excellent service for you!

Regina “Your Realtor to Remember”!


I’ve known Regina for almost 10 years. She’s dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy. She’s helped
me and my family members with our real estate needs. You will not regret doing business with her!
All Star Real Estate Agent!!!
Brock Henderson - Now also a Realtor!

We have been working with Regina For over 15 years buying and selling many times, I have lost
how many times. Regina is the best Realtor in the Bay Area and I would never use any one but her.
Regina always fines what we are looking for in buying our own homes or rentals. I recommend
Tom & Sally Hoffmann

Regina is an Amazing Realtor! Very Knowledgeable & Efficient! Tons of Experience resulting in a
smooth transaction!
Veronica Davidson

On behalf of my wife Sonia and I, We appreciate your professionalism and
"can do" attitude. You were there for us in 2015 and did an awesome job,
and we knew you would do the same for us in 2018. Even though we are
moving unexpectedly due to a great job offer in Georgia, we will always
remember what you and your husband has done for  we least expected.
 For example, when you guys invited us to Bonefish for dinner on a
number of occasions for no reason. Thi8s kind of hospitality and generosity

is what comes back to you from your customers feel the love and respect.
Thank you for working with Sonia and I, we are confident that you will do
a great job like you always do. Lord bless you in all your future endeavors.
I will close by saying that as a Veteran of war and a retired Soldier of
nearly 30 years, I salute you for your commitment, dedication and hard
work by taking care of my wife and I when we first come to Florida three
years ago this month looking for a property to buy. You made it happen for
us and you took care of us in a magnificent manner. God Bless you and
Rod & Sonia Lindsay, US Army Retired.

Regina Ramalheira
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Regina Ramalheira


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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Life Of Loan Cap

    An upper limit on the interest rate that can be charged in a variable rate mortgage over its life. For example, a variable rate loan is initially offered at 7% loan rate, and its interest rates can be adjusted every three months up to a loan cap of 11%, or 400 basis points. ...

  • Recordation

    The act of recording of deeds and other property instruments in a public registry. Recordation gives public notice of ownership claims on property as well as any other legal or financial claims. Public recording of property claims protects those who do so from unrecorded claims. ...

  • Insurance Institute For Property Loss Reduction

    Association of insurance companies formed to reduce deaths, injuries, and the loss of property resulting from all types of natural hazards in the United States. This institute concentrates on improving construction and building techniques in order to minimize the damage resulting from natural hazard ...

  • Mercantile Safe Burglary Insurance

    Coverage in the event a safe of a business is forceably entered, either on or off the premises, and property is stolen from the safe. Also covered is damage to the premises during actual or attempted burglary. Premium rates can be reduced through precautions such as burglar alarms, guards, and other ...

  • Rule Against Accumulations

    State laws that prohibit for an unreasonable period of time the accumulation of income under the option modes of settlement of a life insurance policy unless the beneficiary of the policy is a minor; thus, if the interest option is selected under the optional modes of settlement, the beneficiary mu ...

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