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Renée Barrett-Gonzales is a domestic and international relocation specialist. For the past 20 years, she has perfected the ability to identify needs and provide solutions for her clients as they seek to relocate from around the globe to and within the greater Houston area. A licensed Realtor since 2001, she is a dedicated and driven professional who understands the connection between getting to know her clients well and serving them effectively.   A former paralegal, property and project manager, Renée has broad domestic and international experience that crosses multiple industries, including telecommunications, commercial real estate/facility build-out and oil and gas, and has worked with clients from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, India, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and US.   A self-described self-starter, she has cultivated her various careers from the ground up, and has developed processes and procedures where none existed and communicated with and trained personnel globally. Organized, driven, results oriented, and a strong negotiator, her expertise, integrity, passion and communications skills not only make her a good match for the real estate industry but also a good choice for potential home buyers.   Renée is a graduate of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. A native Houstonian, she is married and has two daughters. A lover of animals, her four-legged "children '' include one South African Boerboels and one munchkin cat.

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Content For Real Estate Agents: The Top Strategy For Success In 2023

Content For Real Estate Agents: The Top Strategy For Success In 2023

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Pros & Cons Of Being A Real Estate Agent

Pros & Cons Of Being A Real Estate Agent

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Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate

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A Guide To First Time Home Buyer Program

A Guide To First Time Home Buyer Program

A first-time home buyer can run into problems. Since there are so many standards, activities, and stages, you might be concerned about making an expensive mistake. First-time home buyers do, however, benefit from several unique advantages intended to entice newcomers to the real estate market. Check the following guide for first-time home buyer programs to help you if ...

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Everything To Know About Buying Digital Real Estate

Everything To Know About Buying Digital Real Estate

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Bumper Strips

    Timber wood situated on the exteriors of a loading deck to safeguard it from damage resulting when trucks unload and load. ...

  • Plat

    Map that shows the location and boundaries of individual properties. ...

  • Broad Evidence Rule

    Rule that stipulates how to calculate the actual cash value of property that has been damaged, destroyed, or stolen. The thesis of this rule is that whatever evidence that can be produced of the true value of the property is admissible; the factual insurable value of the property can be ascertained ...

  • Joint Life And Survivor Insurance

    Coverage for two or more persons with the death benefit payable at the death of the last of those insured. Premiums are significantly lower under joint life and survivor insurance than for policies that insure only one person, since the probability of having to pay a death claim is lower. ...

  • State Exemption Statute

    Laws in most cases protecting life insurance policies from an insured's creditors. These laws typically exempt death benefit proceeds and policy cash values from attachment by creditors, particularly if the beneficiary is a spouse or child of the insured. Many exemption laws have limits, with all in ...

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