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About Rick Brown

If you're looking for a Realtor® that you can depend on in Central Florida look no further than Rick Brown. Rick has been serving the area for nearly 30 years and is admirable for his hard work, integrity, and determination. As a local area expert, he uses his knowledge to provide his clients with the resources and services necessary to achieve their real estate dreams.
As an FMU graduate, Rick took the real estate industry by storm, creating The Brown Home Group at Keller Williams. He built his business on dedication, communication, and trust while tailoring the home buying and selling experience for each client. Rick aims to provide a passionate and personalized commitment to his client's needs and has a heartfelt drive to serve his client's best interests. From single family homes to townhomes or condos, he is committed to finding the perfect fit. Rick takes pride in his superior customer service and his ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market education and trends.
Outside of his career, he enjoys being with his two children, Austin and Lindsay, and his beautiful wife who has supported him from day one with his career and goals. Rick also enjoys singing with his Acapella group year round, especially during the holidays for Disney and other attractions in Orlando.
With Rick as your residential real estate agent, he will make you feel like you're his only client and in the end, will go "Above and Beyond the Sale." Contact him today at The Brown Home Group at Keller Williams!

Rick Brown
Brown Home Group @ Keller Williams Advantage II Realty

Brown Home Group @ Keller Williams Advantage II Realty

Rick Brown


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How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with neighbors who don’t respect your privacy. Whether they’re peering through a pair of binoculars surveilling your Sunday afternoon barbeque or dropping by unannounced to “see how you’re doing”, these unpleasant individuals are the bane of ...

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In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

To those of us who’ve gone through the process of moving, it’s no secret that moving can be a hassle and a half, between the stress and substantial financial investments.  We usually decide to relocate for various reasons, such as a brand new workplace, the prospect of a brighter future, climate changes, or even the global pandemic. COVID-19 made ...

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Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

More than ever, the past dictates our future. The twenty-first century must face the dramatic repercussions of our past heritage concerning environmental issues. We foolishly exposed our planet to threats and insecurity. In practice, we do lots of harm to our immediate environment, and we should pay more attention to do’s and don’ts in nature. Humankind has ...

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Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Phrases like “Alexa, turn on the AC!”, “Alexa, dim lights!”, “Alexa, open the front door!” or “Alexa, cook mac&cheese!” are becoming a regular in US households. Well, maybe not the last but it won’t be long till that becomes a reality as well. Having the ability to tell your home what to do has been a fantasy ...

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Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Of all the inventions that changed the real estate game, none have changed it as profoundly and irreversibly as the internet. This technology opened up a world of new possibilities and opportunities for real estate professionals working at every level in the field of real estate. From the lowliest copy room workers to the moguls and brokers at the very top of the ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Ground Rent

    The portion of property income due to the ground value itself. It is used in a few states whereby an individual can own a structure and rent the ground to occupy a plot of land. ...

  • Nuisance

    An activity by a property owner annoys or seriously disturbs other property owners making it discomforting to use their own property. A wide range of activities can be classified as nuisances. To be considered a nuisance, the activity must directly affect the comfort and usability of an other's prop ...

  • Accident Severity

    Extent of the loss caused by accidents. Used in predicting the dollar amount of losses upon which the premiums are based. ...

  • Personal Catastrophe Insurance

    Excess coverage over the first layer of medical insurance to provide for catastrophic medical payments. The first layer may be either group or individual medical insurance, or an individual may choose to pay for ordinary medical payments and buy insurance for those losses above a certain amount. ...

  • Radioactive Contamination Insurance

    Form of inland marine insurance under which an insured is indemnified for damage or destruction of his or her on-premises property if it is due to radioactive material stored or used within the premises. ...

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