Robert Doerr
Cohen + White Associates LLC

Robert Doerr

Cohen + White Associates LLC

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Bob is pleased to have joined Cohen and White Associates following a long career in the investment banking industry. Bob’s experience with institutional investors has enabled him to hone his talents as a counselor and negotiator. When Bob was living in Manhattan he experienced his first August as a ‘city cliff dweller’ and immediately decided he needed to find a green getaway. He used his weekends to explore his options. After spending many weekends searching for weekend sanctuary he discovered Berkshire and Columbia counties and never looked back. He started as a weekender in the 1980’s and became a full time resident in 1999. Bob still casually refers to himself as a “Jersey Boy” but his heart and his family reside in Berkshire County. Having lived for many years in New Jersey and Manhattan he is familiar with the needs of the weekender while being familiar with local considerations. As Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a member of the Endowment Committee at the Congregational Church in Stockbridge, Bob has been a contributing member of the local community. Having owned several houses in the area (including one major ‘project’) he has become familiar with the pleasures and pitfalls of home ownership and is ready to share his experiences with you.

Bob received his B.A. degree from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa. where he majored in English Literature with a minor in British Poetry - the perfect background for a Wall St. career! He is well-traveled and will be happy to share his experience in Timbuktu. Bob is a third degree Master Mason an artist and a musician. His golf game is evidence that nobody is perfect.


47 Church St. , Lenox - MA 02140

Office: 1-917-921-6602

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