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About Robin Delaney

I am a results-oriented business professional with over 25 years of demonstrated achievement in sales, marketing and business development. My previous experience as a CEO of a major corporation has given me expertise in negotiations, acquisitions and a due diligence approach to all Real Estate transactions.

I was born and raised in Beverly, MA and have been a life-long resident of the North Shore giving me the local market knowledge that buyers and sellers will benefit from.

My love for Real Estate began with the purchase of my first multi-family home at age 20. I am well organized, detail oriented, a creative problem solver and listen to what my client’s expectations are for their buying or selling experience. I promise you, my client, the highest level of customer service, communication and education throughout your Real Estate transaction.

As an Exclusive Buyer Agent , I represent the home buyer, and only the home buyer, in a real estate transaction. My company never represents sellers and never takes listings. There are no additional fees to the Buyer, nor a contract required, for hiring a Buyer Agent.

As an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my buyer-clients, which include the following duties:

• Loyalty
• Obedience
• Confidentiality
• Accounting
• Reasonable skill and care
• Disclosure

This level of protection and dedication is not available under other types of real estate agency. By the virtue of their fiduciary relationship with the home buyer, Exclusive Buyer Agents will disclose information to the buyer that materially affects a buyer’s best interests, even if that information may be detrimental to the seller. Listing agents cannot make such disclosures and must remain loyal to the seller.

This is a critical distinction that separates an Exclusive Buyer Agent from the “dual agency” practice that is common among real estate companies. Here are further examples:

• An Exclusive Buyer Agent can provide guidance about how much to offer for a home and share insights that would provide an advantage to the buyer.

• An Exclusive Buyer Agent negotiates exclusively on the buyer’s behalf, seeking the best price and terms for the buyer.

• An Exclusive Buyer Agent works to protect their clients with contractual contingencies, designed with the buyer’s best interests in mind

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Robin Delaney

Robin Delaney


Real Estate Glossary Terms

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  • Licensee

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  • Master-servant Rule

    Assumption that an employer is liable for negligent acts or omissions of employees that result in bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties if those acts are in the course of employment. ...

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