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2000 Coldwell Banker New Hampshire Top Agent - Closed Gross Commission Income
1989 Sam Awards - Silver Award in the $200,000 - $300,000 category given for 'Excellence In Building' by the Home Builders Association of New Hampshire
1987 Energy Innovation Award for the State of New Hampshire
1999 & 2000 Coldwell Banker International Presidents Circle
2000 Coldwell Banker New Hampshire Top Agent - Closed Revenue Units   
Third generation builder- around the housing industry all his life.

BUYING?: Hire Ross as a Buyer Agent to work exclusively for you. His building background and pragmatic approach will protect you from making the wrong decision. His knowledge of the process will make buying your home more enjoyable than stressful.

SELLING?: You can take comfort that Ross's aggressive marketing strategy will command top dollar for your property. Rest assured that Ross's negotiation skills have turned even unreasonable offers into legitimate deals. Ask to see Ross's sales statistics and letters of reference. You will be impressed!

In real estate industry for over 41 years
Sellers, you want action Call Ross. With his many years of experience he has developed into a tough negotiator.
Ross is a REALTOR that gets results
Ross is a Certified Buyer Representative.

New Hampshire Association of REALTORS
National Association of REALTORS
NNEREN (Northern New England Real Estate Network)

Multiple Listing Service for the Seacoast, which is plugged into a state-wide system. Past member Home Builders Association of New Hampshire. Past member National Association of Home Builders
New Hampshire Association of REALTORS

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"I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in the marketing and selling of my home...the strategy you used for the market analysis yielded a resale been considered. Several friends and neighbors commented that prospective buyers would never look at my home, let alone purchase it in the advertised price range. Your confidence in the property, your evaluation of the market and your strategic use of advertising and contacts with other brokers proved them all wrong. The offer that was accepted exceeded all expectations. It has been a real pleasure working with a professional that not only understands the market, but also understands the appeal of quality construction and can communicate that to potential buyer. SB

"We have relocated 13 times.. The Tidewatch house was an experimental project for technology. When it came time to selling such a house, we quickly discovered how difficult it was to get listing agents to fully understand the benefits and value of such a special house. After interviewing over 40 agents, we became disillusioned and decided to sell the house ourselves. During the process you courteously showed up, made us aware of the pros and cons of selling the house ourselves. Ross, you and your crew are a most professional team of experts. I recall hanging around when you held an open house to the realty community and listened how you pitched every detail. We do not know how to elaborate. We got more than our money's worth and feel we have gained a new friend. Your marketing and promotional skills are exceptional and your commitment to timely advertisements, brochures, website, follow-throughs, etc, are by far the best we have ever experienced. OC&UC

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Ross Hobin as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Ross was a professional, conscientious and motivated. I always felt as though / was his only client. He provided me with outstanding advice about how to prepare my home for sale. He promptly returned all phone calls... he worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation. I really appreciated Ross's calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Ross was the outstanding professional I was looking for and having him work for me made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success! As a person, Ross was a pleasure to work with! Easy to talk to, a good listener, easy to contact and always prompt at returning my calls or answering my questions. Best of all, Ross is a Realtor who makes it his job to help meet YOUR GOALS rather than his own! DG

"Ross Hobin helped us sell our commercial property in this tough real estate environment. He was always honest in his opinions and diligent in following through with our requests. Although the process was difficult, Ross helped us get a fair price in a very challenging market. We never felt that Ross was working for himself, but always kept our interests in the forefront. We felt his advice was valid and presented so that we could make an intelligent and informed decision. / would recommend Ross Hobin to anyone in selling their property. P&P" 

"Again, we want to thank you for your aggressive approach and the critical role you played in the process of our selling and moving. This letter is to say to others looking for a realtor, talk to Ross Hobin, the best in the business. DW&EW

"Your expertise in land development and sales was made quite obvious to me in the expeditious way in which you sold my land. I had dealt with several other agencies on the seacoast area but found their professionalism and gumption was sorely lacking. You are a credit to your industry. CR

"After having listed with another broker for a considerable period of time with no results, you generated plenty of activity. When the eventual buyer was found, he had many requirements to fill before a successful closing. It was even more impressive as I was out of town for the whole process. DL

"At the outset, we were impressed with your knowledge of the area, the development and the construction details of the house. But the most important point is that you "sold", rather than merely "showed", our home by stressing the value a buyer would receive-in terms of neighborhood, quality of construction, livability. Etc. In short, you led the buyers to understand what a good value they were getting. Our only regret, Ross, is that we didn't engage your services sooner. RM

"I thought I was reasonably capable by profession and experience of selling this property by myself. However, I found that my time, my patience, and my expertise were limited, and when I turned to you, you provided me with efficient, knowledgeable, and accurate advice concerning the marketing of this unit. You very quickly followed through on your marketing plan and showed the unit a number of times. I feel fortunate that qualified buyers became interested within a matter of weeks, but I am also appreciative of your expert advice in handling negotiations. I received a fair price in a very slow market. GH

"No other realtor we spoke to had the ideas and plans that you had which ultimately led to the sale of our home. We both felt that you were highly professional at your business and became personally knowledgeable of our property. You were there for every showing... kept us updated on each visitor... and handled the offer and final stages of the sale very well. You have earned our trust and respect. RB

"Your market analysis and expertise were so helpful leading us to a list price that we could feel good about. Your commitment to hold the line on our asking price paid off. We felt your assessment on what was needed to prep the house for the market was fair and helped us discern what would best position the house for sale. The feedback you provided throughout the marketing process was valuable and it was evident you asked probing questions of those that showed interest in the home. You did a tremendous job getting interested parties to the house - 12 showings in 10 weeks! When a strong lead came in, you went above and beyond in defense of our property by analyzing, visiting, and writing a thorough letter to the buyer's agent. That effort led to a strong offer and ultimately the final offer. We have worked with a half a dozen real estate professionals and you are by far the best. We commented to ourselves, finally a real estate agent that works with you and for you. RC&KC"

Ross  Hobin
Coldwell Banker Hobin Realty Llc

Coldwell Banker Hobin Realty Llc

Ross Hobin


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