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We save you the most and deliver outstanding results. We are also one of the most well versed brokerages when compared to all others - we are top 1% in the entire state of Florida In terms of volume, We sell more and have more buyers than 99% of all other agents. For the Entire United States we are in the top 5% in terms of volume the past 6 years in a row.  Lastly, we do not even have a contract at all to work with us.



Samuel  Fugina, PA
Marlin Realty Inc

Marlin Realty Inc

Samuel Fugina, PA


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Agent Advice

Content For Real Estate Agents: The Top Strategy For Success In 2023

Content For Real Estate Agents: The Top Strategy For Success In 2023

 As a real estate professional, you probably wonder why creating content for real estate agents has anything to do with the job, itself. But companies and agents picking up the routine made it evident that social media marketing and a solid overall web marketing strategy with content can be much more effective than paid advertisements. Well, as an agent, your ...

Agent Advice

Pros & Cons Of Being A Real Estate Agent

Pros & Cons Of Being A Real Estate Agent

Before starting a real estate agent career, learn about the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks allows you to make smarter decisions about your future profession. A career in real estate may give considerable benefits. It can also provide various problems that must be overcome. It is a career that involves hard labor and ...

Agent Advice

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed about a career with a 6 figure salary? Most people certainly have. What most people haven’t dreamed about, though, is how to get that amount of money. The reason for that might be that the goal seems to be lightyears away from reality, or it’s hard to make a move from the warmth of the comfort zone. Also there are people who are just ...

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A Guide To First Time Home Buyer Program

A Guide To First Time Home Buyer Program

A first-time home buyer can run into problems. Since there are so many standards, activities, and stages, you might be concerned about making an expensive mistake. First-time home buyers do, however, benefit from several unique advantages intended to entice newcomers to the real estate market. Check the following guide for first-time home buyer programs to help you if ...

Agent Advice

Everything To Know About Buying Digital Real Estate

Everything To Know About Buying Digital Real Estate

To experience a comfortable future, making wise investment decisions is crucial. As we face unsteady economic uncertainties, it’s getting harder to know what path to take in terms of investment. As the digital market continues to grow and evolve, more people are interested in how to buy digital real estate. This type of investment doesn’t require significant ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Commercial Listing

    List of business property. ...

  • Cut-through Endorsement(assumption Of Risk)

    Guarantee by a reinsurance company that payment for losses incurred by a third party will be made even though that third party has no contractual arrangement with the reinsurance company. ...

  • Deductible, Buy-back

    Same as term Buy-Back Deductible: deductible eliminated through the payment of an additional premium, resulting in first-dollar coverage under the policy. ...

  • Income In Respect Of A Decedent (ird)

    Classification at death of all pension plans, profit-sharing plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAS), annuities, and installment payments to the extent to which the deceased was entitled to receive income and that income was not included in the deceased's taxable income in the year of the death ...

  • Options Contract

    Arrangement between the seller and the buyer in which the buyer has the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a security at some time in the future at a price stipulated at present. ...

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