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I love real estate. For the past 30 years I have spent copious of hours learning more to share more and provide thorough and consistent services to my clients. One of these includes the TRC-
Transnational Real Estate Certification.  One of the benefits of this certification is that
all my listings are posted on the #1 website for international real estate      ICREA: International Consortium of Real Estate.
Even though it is not a Realtor-run website, I am a preferred agent on as well
as on, both very popular consumer-facing sites for real estate information.  The most
accurate site to look for listings (besides from our links here to our IDX) is from as this is
the database from the Realtors' multiple listing services.  Their data is most reliable and timely.     Be sure to click on any of the links I have provided for finding homes on or the Hillsborough, Pinellas & Pasco County Property Databases to search records and more...this web site is loaded with information for you! Click on Community Links to view the schools (colleges, jr & community colleges, public & private), museums, theatres and more.

I do like being able to combine today's technology with one-on-one service that my repeat clients have come to expect. You know how to find me whenever you are ready! Since 1984 I have been Selling Tampa Bay!  We are also on FaceBook and Twitter (#SandySellsTampa) as well.  My cell phone direct: 813-503-6362 or the office:  813.343.8001

Sandy Streit
SandyRae Realty

SandyRae Realty

Sandy Streit


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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
SFR - Short Sales and Foreclosures
SRES®, Senior Real Estate Specialist
SRS - Seller Representative Specialist
The Multiple Listing Service Mark member badge

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How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with neighbors who don’t respect your privacy. Whether they’re peering through a pair of binoculars surveilling your Sunday afternoon barbeque or dropping by unannounced to “see how you’re doing”, these unpleasant individuals are the bane of ...

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In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

To those of us who’ve gone through the process of moving, it’s no secret that moving can be a hassle and a half, between the stress and substantial financial investments.  We usually decide to relocate for various reasons, such as a brand new workplace, the prospect of a brighter future, climate changes, or even the global pandemic. COVID-19 made ...

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Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

More than ever, the past dictates our future. The twenty-first century must face the dramatic repercussions of our past heritage concerning environmental issues. We foolishly exposed our planet to threats and insecurity. In practice, we do lots of harm to our immediate environment, and we should pay more attention to do’s and don’ts in nature. Humankind has ...

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Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Phrases like “Alexa, turn on the AC!”, “Alexa, dim lights!”, “Alexa, open the front door!” or “Alexa, cook mac&cheese!” are becoming a regular in US households. Well, maybe not the last but it won’t be long till that becomes a reality as well. Having the ability to tell your home what to do has been a fantasy ...

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Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Of all the inventions that changed the real estate game, none have changed it as profoundly and irreversibly as the internet. This technology opened up a world of new possibilities and opportunities for real estate professionals working at every level in the field of real estate. From the lowliest copy room workers to the moguls and brokers at the very top of the ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Margin

    In commerce and business, margin as a general term is defined as by the difference between the amount of money spent on a product and the selling price of it. The margin usually appears as a percentage of net sales revenues. For example, a retail store pays $5 for supplier goods and sells them for $ ...

  • Operating Expense Ratio

    If you are a real estate investor and you come across this term, you might wind up wondering … What is the operating expense ratio? The operating expense ratio (OER) is a way for investors to measure the cost of operating a property when compared to the profit gained by that property. The cal ...

  • Satisfaction Of Mortgage

    Written statement of the lender that the buyer of real estate has paid-off the entire mortgage. ...

  • Examined Business

    Life or health insurance policy written on an applicant who has passed a medical examination and signed the application but has not paid the premium due. ...

  • Insurance Broker

    Representative of an insured, not of an insurance company. Acts of a broker are not the responsibility of the company, and notice given by an insured to a broker is not the same as notice to the company. The broker searches the insurance marketplace for a company in which to place the insured's busi ...

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