Sarah Hamilton
Fathom Realty, LLC- 1845 Realty

Sarah Hamilton

Fathom Realty, LLC- 1845 Realty

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Sarah Hamilton, Owner of 1845 Realty, has been in the real estate business since the tender age of 9-years-old. She began her hands on experience with her Father, Real Estate Broker, Ray Hamilton, by going door to door in his ‘farm' (a real estate term for an area with which an agent markets their expertise). Sarah has an extensive background in marketing, branding and events. Coupled with her family's long history in real estate, 1845 Realty provides value that exceeds the typical real estate process by staging homes and marketing listings in creative ways to drive results. Your needs will always be met in a timely fashion, every question answered thoroughly and the entire process will be done with thorough communication so that you feel valued. 1845 Realty is an Associate Fathom Realty, LLC.


5841 Virginia Pkwy , McKinney - TX 75071

Office: 1-214-507-8877

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