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Hey Folks, Thanks for checking out my Zillow page! As a retired Firefighter, I'm no stranger to helping people in times of need, which is why I chose to pursue a second career in the real estate business when I retired. Granted…buying your dream home is not a life or death situation, but it is an extremely important decision, and definitely a life changing event!  I would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your real estate needs, whether you're buying or selling, I will passionately advocate for your best interest, will dedicate the time to meet all your real estate needs, and ensure your experience is as smooth as you always had hoped it would be.

My approach is customized to each of my clients and their wishes, whether you like texting, email or phone calls, keeping the process convenient for you during your buying or selling process, is my top priority. Please don't hesitate to give me a call! I look forward to working with you.

RE/MAX Alliance Evergreen Office

Scott Markham RE/MAX Alliance Evergreen Office

Scott Markham


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30480 Stagecoach Blvd , Evergreen - CO 80439

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Office: 1-303-670-6398

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Devise

    Gift of real property as stipulated in a will. ...

  • Exception

    A right or portion of property reserved to the grantor in a conveyance by deed. Waiver of a requirement in a lease agreement such as the landlord allowing an old tenant to have a cat or a dog. ...

  • Antiselection

    Same as term adverse selection: process in life insurance by which an applicant who is uninsurable, or is a greater than average risk, seeks to obtain a policy from a company at a standard premium rate. Life insurance companies carefully screen applicants for this reason, since their premiums are ba ...

  • Recission

    Cancellation of a contract. Under the federal Truth in Lending Act, a person who signs a contract can nullify it within three business days of having signed it without penalty; funds paid into the contract by the signer must be returned. Also, fraud or misrepresentation provides legal grounds for ca ...

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (rrsp)

    Canadian retirement plan much like U.S. individual retirement account (IRA). Here, an employee can contribute on a tax deductible basis C $3500 each year as a member of an employer pension plan. A non-member employee can contribute C $5500 tax deductible. Earnings under this plan accumulate tax-defe ...

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