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About Seth Greenwell

Seth Greenwell is one of the founders of the Anchor Point Realty and has been actively selling real estate since 2002. He has received several top real estate awards throughout his career for customer service and sales performance.

Seth has a true entrepreneurial spirit and loves to see everyone around him succeed. Seth is married with 4 children, plays drums in his church and thoroughly enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and exploring which makes Wisconsin the perfect place to call home.

Anchor Point Realty

Seth Greenwell

Seth Greenwell


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155 E. Capitol Dr. Ste. 7 , Hartland - WI 53029

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Automatic Nonproportional Reinsurance

    Automatic protection for an insurer against losses that exceed a predetermined loss limit. This reinsurance may be subdivided into three primary types: excess of loss, catastrophe loss, and stop loss. ...

  • Derivatives

    Securities that derive their value from other financial instruments that are used by the insurance company to hedge its bets on which direction the market is moving. For example, cattle futures are a simple derivative in that the cattle futures contract increases or decreases in value as future pric ...

  • Innkeepers Liability

    Liability arising out of the operation of a motel or hotel as it pertains to the physical safety of guests and their property. ...

  • Prospective Rating

    Determination of (1) a future property or liability insurance or reinsurance rate or (2) a premium for a specified future period of time. It is based on the loss experience of a specified past period of time. ...

  • Wagering V. Insurance

    Common misunderstanding about insurance. In gambling a risk is created that did not exist prior to placing a bet. Under insurance, a risk exists whether or not an insurance policy is purchased. For example, the uncertainty of one's home burning exists independent of the purchase of insurance; the pu ...

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