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Shane Peters has spent the last 20 years establishing roots in the Asheville region. Drawn to the mountains of WNC by the culture and natural beauty, he has been a homeowner in the Black Mountain area for the last 16 years. As an owner and manager of several rental properties, he has a solid understanding of what is required to locate an investment property, renovate, and operate a successful rental business.

Shane has a diverse professional background, having worked as a field archaeologist, a metal artist, and a cinematographer. As a filmmaker, he has developed a deep understanding of the southeast region, geographically, historically and culturally.  

?Shane spends his free time enjoying the outdoors through mountain biking, hiking, photography and gardening. As a husband, and father of two wonderful kids, he values family time above all else. He loves helping people thrive in Asheville with all it has to offer by making connections he has built throughout the community.

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Shane Peters

Shane Peters


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    under contract law, anything of value exchanged for a promise or for performance that is needed to make an instrument binding on the contracting parties. adherence to all provisions of an insurance policy by an insured; for example, the insured agrees to make all premium payments when due in order ...

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    Method of selling insurance directly to insureds through a company's own employees, through the mail, or at airport booths. The company uses this method of distribution rather than independent or captive agents for effectiveness and efficiency. ...

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