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  • Sharon Dolezal Success in North shore Real Estate: Sharon Dolezal, a Broker with Coldwell Banker, and can help with any real estate needs in the following North Shore and Northwest Suburb communities; Northbrook, Glenview, Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, New Trier district, Morton Grove, Niles, and the North side of Chicago.

  • Selling with Style: Sharon has a very precise and critical eye when it comes to her listings. She has created a formula that works and knows what it takes from a work and marketing standpoint to get the job done. She will first sit down with you the seller and discuss the three most important factors in selling your home: Condition, Location, and Price. For condition, she will spend as much time as is needed to go through your home with a fine toothed comb and be sure it is ready to show like a model home.

  • Once these factors have been discussed and you have gone through one of her detailed Comparative Market Analysis presentations she then goes to work creating a marketing plan that will knock your socks off! We do not know where your buyer is going to come from, therefore it is important to have an aggressive marketing approach on all media outlets including in-print, in-person, and most importantly in this market- Online! Your home will be viewed on virtual showings on every major home search site including both Coldwell Banker National and Local (which consistently receive more than double the online views of the competing brokers), Trulia, Zillow,, and even youtube. Sharon will be sure your home shows like a dream in person and online at all times.

  • Knowing What to Buy: Let's face it, there is a lot of inventory out there for you, the buyer, to choose from. This can be a wonderful thing and very exciting to have so many wonderful options at your fingertips. But, Sharon is most concerned about making sure that you purchase a home that will have long term value and that you will be able to resell when the need arises. She will always consult with you on this fact, making sure that each property you look at is carefully assessed as to its value proposition for your short and long term goals. She will always use her expertise to advise you in the best way possible and give you all the facts and possibilities to consider. She loves to help families choose their new community and having raised her son in Glenview, knows the importance of finding a community that has the right school for your children, parks, places to go, and a quality of life that suits you.

  • She has been ensconced in the North Shore for 50 years, attended the schools herself, and raised her family here so she always has the inside skinny on every community and is happy to share her breadth of knowledge on anything that you may want to know. She also finds it a pleasure to help first-time buyers learn the ins and outs of purchasing real estate for the first time and wants to be sure that in addition to being educated on the process you also have fun and enjoy every part of this special moment in your life.

  • Life in the North Shore: Sharon continues to love living in Glenview and working out of the Northbrook office. Sharon loves life. She enjoys participating in her community, and is on the 4th of July Commission for the Village of Glenview. She is an avid traveler and most recently returned from a South American adventure but must admit she equally enjoys leaving the chilly Chicago weather for....Vegas! She also enjoys art in all forms especially fused glass pieces, reading, and loving her beautiful Irish Setter, 'Guinness'.
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    • Accumulated Depreciation

      Any real estate owner is aware that assets depreciate over time. So exactly what is accumulated depreciation then? As depreciation happens to every asset, whether it is a three-story mansion or a couch. The accumulated depreciation definition explains how this type of depreciation calculates the ass ...

    • Actual Authority (express Authority)

      Specific powers granted by the principal (the insurance company) to the agent in the contract. ...

    • Automobile Assigned Risk Insurance Plan

      Coverage in which individuals who cannot obtain conventional automobile liability insurance, usually because of adverse driving records, are placed in a residual insurance market. Insurance companies are assigned to write insurance for them, at higher prices, in proportion to the premiums written in ...

    • Run-off

      Liability of an insurance company for future claims that it expects to pay and for which a reserve has been established. ...

    • Strategic Risk Financing

      Elimination of unnecessary financing costs and the redirection of those sums to activities that are more profitable. The concept is for the company to have a long-term view of its risk exposure as opposed to concentrating on the availability of insurance at any time. For example, in a soft market, c ...

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