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About Stephanie Kane

I am your  trustworthy and always available expert real estate agent.

I work with Buyers and Sellers is in Southern NH and Northern MA.

As a real estate agent, I am also involved with new construction projects. 


Discover my real estate principles!

First and foremost, I consider that I am in the business of making dreams come true. I have helped countless buyers and sellers buy (and sell) single-family homes, condos, etc., in southern New Hampshire. 

However, my professional client representation doesn’t come down to finding a home for a buyer or obtaining the highest yield for a seller. This would be an understatement. I also cater to my clients’ housing requirements and needs, which implies that I sympathize with their cause and fully understand their potential anxieties. 

My experience in the domain of real estate has taught me to predict eventual pitfalls and find quick and efficient solutions to amend them. 


Put your worries behind and rely on professional know-how!

Why shouldn’t a real estate transaction be an enjoyable and effortless adventure? By all means, buying or selling a property can be a hassle in inexperienced hands. However, with my expertise, all uncertainties, worries, and stress will vanish in a blink of an eye. As a result, a lengthy and complex process becomes a delightful undertaking and, ultimately, a pleasant memory. In short, as a professional real estate agent, I facilitate smooth transactions.


A set of skills dedicated to your benefit

I have established my reputation in the domain by working hard since I obtained my real estate license. I have perfected my marketing skills in an ever-changing real estate environment and new digital trends. Still, my main strength is my credibility. 

I have kept up not only with digital and offline marketing strategies, but I have also studied the market. For this reason, I am always ready to deliver the most adequate response to my clients’ inquiries. In addition, I assume a fiduciary and moral responsibility. 

Transparency is the moral compass I live by. According to my book of principles, real estate isn’t just a business reduced to money and properties. Most essentially, it should revolve around people. Therefore, I am aware that my clients entrust me with their homes which means so much more than simple houses or apartments. This idea gives me an extra boost in fighting for their interests.


The perfect circle of clients’ trust and real estate dreams

I have earned my beloved community’s respect and support by running an honest business. Besides the love of my family, I genuinely cherish the trust and recognition my former clients put in me. 

I am in the business of inspiring people and making their dreams come true. However, this goes both ways since being a realtor is my dream, which I never intend to wake from. By fulfilling your wishes, I accomplish my own aspirations. Let's dream together!


My current activities

I proudly represent my community’s priorities with the following activities:


*Board member for Habitat of Humanity;

*President of BNI Referral Networking Group of New Hampshire;

*Member of Nashua Chamber of Commerce;

*CEO of Kane Realty Group LLC @ Keller Williams Gateway Realty and I have a Team of 4 awesome Real Estate Members


Explore my personal and professional path!

I was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire and have lived there for over 50 years. Thus, I have long-established roots and a deep devotion to this region. Besides local schools, I also attended Boston College, where I obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.  

Before being a real estate agent, I had worked as a social worker. I assisted the elderly and their families in moving into assisted living or home health care facilities. 


When did I decide to become a housing agent?

I have been an agent since 1998, licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In my childhood, my parents owned multifamily properties.  I would join them when they showed the properties to potential buyers. I felt particularly inspired when families came to see these homes. I believe this was the moment that triggered my passion for the real estate business. 


Hobbies and leisure time

I feel passionate about snow skiing and boating on the lake and the ocean. Frequently, I indulge in numerous sports, such as tennis, pickleball, basketball, and golf.

I am married to an amazing man, and we have two sons that we raised in Nashua with our golden retriever Bella.

Stephanie  Kane
Keller Williams Gateway Realty

Keller Williams Gateway Realty

Stephanie Kane


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My credentials

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
RENE - Real Estate Negotiation Expert
SRES®, Senior Real Estate Specialist
SRS - Seller Representative Specialist
The Multiple Listing Service Mark member badge

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  • Jurat

    Certificate of an officer stating that a sworn statement is genuine stating when, where and before whom the statement was sworn. A jurat commonly appears at the bottom of an affidavit. ...

  • Ratable

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  • Guaranteed Insurability

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  • Liability, Professional

    Liability created when an individual who offers services to the general public claims expertise in a particular area greater than the ordinary layman. Today, suits are frequently brought alleging that a professional, such as a physician, attorney, or CPA, has committed negligent acts or omissions in ...

  • Moving Insurance (for A Moving Company)

    Inland marine policy to cover liability for goods that belong to clients while in a mover's possession. ...

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