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About Stephanie Schaeppi

My name is Stephanie Schaeppi, your one-hundred percent trustworthy, 24/7 available, and personable Realtor in Sioux Falls, SD. You can contact me if you wish to buy a house or sell your home.

I represent residential buyers and sellers in the following South Dakota cities: Sioux Falls, Brandon, Renner, Crooks, Baltic, Hartford, Tea, Harrisburg, Valley Springs, Canton, Dell Rapids, Lennox, and much more.


How do I approach this business?

First and foremost, I run a customer-oriented business. Nothing will ever change that. 

Real estate may be the world I live, work, and play in, but people and the community are what makes my heart beat faster. 

Actually, it was working closely with folks and the independence of running my own business that inspired me to choose the path of a pro real estate agent.

Closing the deal takes center stage in my professional life. I will move every stone to make the sale for you or find the perfect home you can call your own. You will become my number one priority! I ensure that all of my clients are well informed about every essential detail revolving around their real estate dealings. As a result, you will feel confident in your decision-making process without a single shred of doubt. 

How do I manage this? My clients easily relate to me and feel comfortable asking me questions; thus, the entire house buying or home sale becomes a piece of cake.


My professional principle

I value integrity, honesty, warmth, and directness in others. My former clients can confirm that these principles are the ones I transmit to them every time we work together.


Let’s go together on this journey!

I dedicate my free time to updating my skills and adding to my product knowledge and market awareness. I provide a detailed, accurate, and helpful market analysis for my clients, buyers, and sellers. Thus, you get an insight into how I conduct business, and, most certainly, you will feel optimistic about the success of our co-operation. 

As your experienced Realtor, I am very excited to embark on this journey with you to make your dreams come true.


My real estate vision

I will let you into my secret aspiration. I wish to accomplish a fully-blossomed career filled with smiling faces of happy, satisfied, and confident customers. They turn to me every time they look for a new investment opportunity, need a piece of advice, or wish to have friendly chitchat. I envision a bright future with remarkable ideas and successful closings. My dear client always takes the front-row seat, and I assume the role of an expert guide to lead you through even tough and scary times.

My passion will meet your needs. All it takes from you is informing me about your housing requirements! Then, I will dedicate myself, my set of skills, education, and experience in the domain to your cause.

My vision ends with an ever-growing list of fulfilled, content, knowledgeable, and self-assured clients. And your name is also on it!


My real estate path

I got my real estate agent license on September 14, 2014. It instantly proved to be an ideal choice since it tied together all aspects of my life: education, an affinity for working with people, and professional independence. In the upcoming period till 2022, I worked with Hegg Realtors, representing residential property buyers and sellers. I have nothing but praise for this brokerage. In short, honesty and fellowship were the guiding principles we lived and worked by at Hegg Realtors.

In September 2022, I changed real estate brokerages to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Beyond. I genuinely appreciate my new office’s smaller setting but more customer-oriented policies. 

Though I was on two different real estate teams, I would call myself an individual agent, which fits me better. 


My real estate credentials and career highlights

One hundred fifty-six transactions closed as of today. Highest sales price: $568k. Lowest: $55k.


Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) 

[email protected] at the National Association of [email protected] (NAR)

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

The Multiple Listing Service Mark (MLS)


Personal tidbits

I was raised on a farm/ranch in South Central South Dakota. I went to Brookings, SD, to study at South Dakota State University. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Family Financial Management and a Business minor. For the next ten years, I lived and worked in Brookings, then moved to my present city, Sioux Falls.


My city, my community

I’ve lived here for eleven years. For the last eight years, I have sold homes within an hour’s radius. Although our city qualifies as the largest in our state, we still think of it as a charming, small, and cozy heaven, especially if we compare it to major cities in our country. It features impressive cosmopolitan perks without all the traffic and crime nuisances. Sioux Falls carries the most exceptional small-town values and offers all the amenities and services only a great American city can provide.

I am ever grateful for the Sioux Falls community since it offered me so much love and support! I wish to give back all the lovely things I received throughout my stay here. I currently work as a volunteer with a non-profit organization helping refugees learn English as a second language.


Family and leisure activities

I married the most endearing person I met in my life in 2019.  My husband and I live on the East side of Sioux Falls with our two cats and two dogs. We love shopping and eating out at our favorite restaurants in our spare time. Besides, we love hiking in nature and exploring new cities. Gardening is also one of my most beloved hobbies.

Stephanie  Schaeppi


Stephanie Schaeppi


My credentials

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
SRES®, Senior Real Estate Specialist
The Multiple Listing Service Mark member badge

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