Stephen A. Raffaelli Jr.

Stephen A. Raffaelli Jr.


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Selling your home is more than just a decision, it's an emotional one. That's why it's so important to choose the right real estate representative, one who's not just a sales person, but one who will take the time to learn your needs and will care about them. I will help you through every part of the transaction, and offer you complete services including Relocation, Mortgage Services, Title & Settlement Services, and Home Warranty. Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss specifically how I can help you with your current and future real estate needs.


1004 King Street , Alexandria - VA 22314

Office: 1-703-229-8935

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

Real estate sales contract where possession and use is provided to the buyer, but the deed is kept by the seller until the full purchase price is met whereupon the title is placed in the buyers name. See also contract for deed; installment land sales contract;land contract....

Deed that states "love and affection" as the consideration for the gifted real estate....

Branch of knowledge dealing with the mathematics of insurance, including probabilities. It is used in ensuring that risks are carefully evaluated, that adequate premiums are charged for risks underwritten, and that adequate provision is made for future payments of benefits....

Product that guarantees the initial interest rate for funds on deposit for the length of the maturity, whether it is for a period of 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 years. At maturity, the policyholder has two choices: withdraw the funds without having to pay a surrender charge (it is important to note that tax...