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About Steve Jason

I love helping my customers find the homes they want at the right price and terms.

There are a lot of good real estate agents but this is what makes me great.

*  Customer focused - I listen my customers and adapt my style to their needs.

*  Knowledgeable - I know the market.  As a Buyer's Specialist, I have visited virtually every community in the two county area.  I do my homework and give my customers solid advice.

*  Honesty and Integrity - I have a conscience and could not sleep if I ever did anything wrong.  Yes, I have made some mistakes but I am quick to fix them. 

*  Active and Responsive - Sometimes my customers' needs change or they require additional information.  I strive to return all phone calls within an hour and answer every email / text quickly and completely.  My strength is my attention to detail and finding answers that serve my customers needs.

*  Patient persistence - I am never pushy with my customers.  I am here to serve them and find their next home. Some start the process months or years before they are ready.  I am with them throughout the process striving for a smooth and trouble-free transaction.

*  Preferred referral agent - Many real estate agents specialize in just one community or have a smaller defined geographic area of expertise.  When they have a buyer whose needs are outside their sphere, they regularly call on me to help. 

*  Results oriented - My success is defined by my ability to find the right homes for my customers.  Whether it is a million dollar purchase or a place for a first time buyer, I treat EVERYONE as if they are the most important because they ARE.

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Steve Jason

Steve Jason


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Abutment

    A supporting structure. ...

  • Contract Of Sale

    Written agreement between a seller and a buyer in which the latter agrees to buy real estate property upon mutually suitable terms. ...

  • Semiannual

    Also called biannual; twice a year. An example is when lease payments are due January 1 and July 1. ...

  • Expected Value

    Sum of money to be received by an insured in the event a given loss occurs. ...

  • Yacht Insurance

    Coverage for fire and explosion, against fire and any damage caused by explosion whether or not fire ensues, and whether or not an explosion occurs on- or off-board; sinking from floating debris, sunken hulks, and reefs; stranding against sand bars and filled channels resulting in salvage costs, mat ...

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