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Susan Lutter

Riverbend Realty

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Hello! My name is Susan Lutter, and I am your devoted and expert Broker from RiverBend Realty! I can assist, guide, and inform you about selling and buying real estate in Southwest Florida. Find my office in Labelle, FL! 

Suppose you are:

*An eager first-time homebuyer.

*Real estate investor.

*An individual who is looking for a forever home or vacation home.

In that case, I can bring you up to speed with the best housing options available!

Discover my real estate broker motto and the way I conduct business!

In a nutshell, “Helping you with All your Real Estate Needs” is my motto, and I genuinely mean it! I have been in the real estate industry since 2003. Therefore, I can help you make an informed decision in purchasing, investing, or selling real estate in the area!

I will wholeheartedly listen to my clients’ needs and requirements. Since I have accumulated a vast experience in the field, I can approach housing deals from many perspectives. As a result, I can recommend properties you have never thought of!

In the attention of keen house-hunters and real estate sellers!

I love working with customers from all walks of life. Therefore, I can represent prequalified homebuyers’ best interests who have already formed an idea about what they are looking for. I can show them around the trendiest neighborhoods in town while we locate the best housing option.

Property sellers have a special place in my heart! Regularly, I can help them make an informed decision after we look at real estate comps. I will tell them what things are selling for, not necessarily what they think their home is worth. 

How did I join this incredible (but challenging) industry?

Before becoming a professional real estate broker, I worked in contracting for the United States Department of the Navy. Once we changed our residence, kickstarting a career in real estate fascinated me. The more I thought about it, the more enjoyable the idea of showing people their future homes became. I firmly believed it would be a terrific new path in life. I was never wrong about my choice!

I love tending to my cherished community!

Since I moved to the sunniest region of the Sunshine State, I have been doing many exciting and varied volunteer work. Firstly, I volunteered at Hope Hospice, where I attended patients transitioning between life and death. It was a genuinely eye-opening experience that made me appreciate life better. 

Secondly, I did community gathering in my neighborhood. Then, I mentored teenage girls in the foster system. I was a teacher listening to the problems of young adults and teaching them various classes in a juvenile detention center. To put it simply, I go where I am needed!

What are my greatest passions in life?

First and foremost, my family and real estate will always take center stage in my life. In addition, I am fond of keeping up with the housing market and new marketing and home design trends. I am also interested in the local community and tending to its needs. 

My beloved and amazing Harley, a Schnoodle dog, brightens my days! I adore playing with and tending to her! And last but not least, I am still excited to learn about the military and their families. Having been a military wife for over 20 years, I am excited to help military families with their search for a home.


5800 W. FL-80 , Labelle - FL 33935

Office: 1-239-292-5482

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