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Wilson Realty grew out of his passion for teaching and guiding agents to create clients for life and his desire in helping agents build their business and their client base the right way - through proper education of real estate laws, and rules and contract verbiage along with understanding what it truly means to be an agent… in short, always putting the client’s needs above that of the agent. Our strong background in the residential market assures that we understand where most of the issues arise between buyers and sellers. This experience helps agents avoid the pitfalls that cause transactions to fail, frustrating clients, and creating adversarial transactions. It is the goal of Wilson Realty to provide our clients with exemplary service and smooth transactions. Wilson Realty recognizes that nothing is more important than taking care of our clients’ needs; our mission is not about chasing the money, having the biggest office, or the most agents... our mission is to create highly educated and trained agents that will protect their clients and put their clients’ needs first and foremost.

What: Wilson Realty is a smaller firm by design. Instead of being mired with the trappings of large corporate environments and systems that, very often, are slow to adjust to an ever-changing real estate market, Wilson Realty is able to adapt quickly to the technological changes of our industry; this assures we are up on the latest techniques, outlets, and software needed to assist with the purchase and sale of our clients’ homes along with keeping up with the changing housing trends and housing needs of our clients.

Real estate is not limited to just buying and selling; there are a great many players involved to get you from the listing - to the sale - to the closing or from the purchase - through the loan - to closing; this is why we regularly meet with industry leaders: including lenders, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, home stagers, and even health care representatives to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the changes happening in not only our industry but other industries that could affect the housing market. Many of these industry experts meet with our agents at least quarterly to provide the latest in industry news.

It is our firm’s belief that the systems should fit the agents and not the other way around. If it helps you, our client, get an edge or make a transaction even smoother, we will do it; if it doesn’t then we won’t. We want our agents focused on your needs, not on updating tables, graphs, and spreadsheets that are used to boast about the company but do nothing to help you, the client.

Why: Wilson Realty does not have a competing Broker-in-Charge (BIC) that also lists and sells properties. Therefore our agents can be sure they receive advice that is solely focused on protecting our clients’ interests without the BIC being swayed by their own personal agenda. The residential market moves quickly; a home on the market today may not be there tomorrow; an offer presented yesterday may be bested by one presented today. To protect our clients’ interests we must address our clients' concerns quickly; Wilson Realty purposely keeps the agent to BIC ratio low so that the BIC is available to answer and guide agents when and where needed. We believe our client’s needs should be our own needs. We are passionate about providing the best possible service and our service is spelled out in the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s definition of what it is to be an agent.

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