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My name is Tamisha Lane, your consistently reliable and professional neighborhood realtor. I bring over ten years of real estate experience into the game, so you’ll be in the safest hands with me!

Suppose you wish to buy, sell, invest, lease a property, or seek tenant placement services. In that case, turn to me confidently, and I will deliver the results you were hoping for. I offer my real estate expertise in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its immediate surroundings.


How do I conduct my real estate business?

I have accumulated not only a vast experience in the real estate industry, but I have mastered the art of customer service with 27 years of experience behind me. I define myself as a loyal and dedicated representative of my dear clients. I work hard, listen and follow through.

What separates me from my fellow colleagues in the business is that I consciously strive to build lasting relationships with my customers. For this reason, I keep in touch with them by communicating effectively.

Your pleasant experience during the transaction is my highest priority! It doesn’t matter if you’re a home seller, house-hunter, or property investor. I will ensure the process is smooth, transparent, and void of stress in each case.


For me, all roads led to real estate.

Working with people has always fascinated me. So have houses, homes, and real estate, in general. Therefore, I decided to combine these two and act as a matchmaker. I longed to help customers find what they were looking for, their match, or peers in the form of a home. In addition, listening to people’s stories genuinely delights me. 

This fantastic business has countless aspects and perks that convince you to join. In my case, building relationships (otherwise, I haven’t known) and listening to unique stories got me hooked.


What drives me on a day-to-day basis?

First of all, I’m passionate about the connections I nourish with my teammates, colleagues, and clients. Secondly, I enjoy that every day I encounter a new and exciting challenge. For sure, there are regular tasks to perform. Nevertheless, each day brings a different set of chances and opportunities. 

I am grateful for connecting with new people, buying or selling unique properties, negotiating deals, and overcoming new obstacles. There aren’t two days in a row that are exactly the same, and I love it!


My cherished pastime activities

I enjoy anything related to the beach, cooking, spending time with my children, and reading.

On the professional level, I’m continually updating systems, information, and processes. Thus, I can better serve my team members and clients’ interests.




5000 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 100 , Raleigh - NC 27609


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    Tamisha was immediately responsive to our inquiry regarding a rental property she represented. She provided the necessary paperwork very quickly and was conscientious in obtaining needed information from the property owner and making sure the process went smoothly.

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