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Tammy M. Garcia began her career in real estate in 1993 working as a mortgage Loan Officer at Oceanmark Bank. She gained a unique perspective and insight, allowing her to provide her clients with the most comprehensive guidance possible in the buying and selling process. Her goal was to anticipate her customer's needs, make buying or selling a home an enjoyable experience, and to streamline the steps required for her clients. Having acquired real estate financial dynamics from a lender's perspective, in 1994 Tammy's passion for real estate lead her to eight years of successful work in the Construction field of real estate. ]

As a project engineer for Pacific International Construction, she gained detailed insight in the areas of development, architecture, and project management. In 1996, Tammy was recruited by McDevitt Street Bovis, known today as Bovis Lend Lease. Along with the Principal and VP, she was instrumental in establishing the Miami Branch of the company. For six years Tammy absorbed management, operations, marketing, and development from one of the largest construction and development companies in the United States.

As a business owner herself for over 10 years, Ms. Garcia has a deep understanding of business, and the interaction between the local business economy, and the values of homes and property in the South Florida area. She has also assisted many commercial and industrial interests in the Miami area. Those who have benefited from her tireless hard work, and invaluable advice, would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the South Florida area, and particularly, in both Dade and Broward counties.In 2014, as a graduate of the Masters of Science International Real Estate program at Florida International University, she was presented with both the Director's Award for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to the program, and the Malcolm Butters Scholarship Award, of which she was a first time recipient. She was also selected to receive the prestigious FIU Worlds Ahead Graduate Award.Tammy Garcia prides herself on providing exceptional service to each and every client. She knows the needs of her customers, and consistently exceeds their expectations with her commitment to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, honesty, reliability, and diligence.

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Tammy Garcia

Tammy Garcia


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  • Alaska Trust Act

    Enacted on April 1, 1997; provides protection against creditors for irrevocable trusts provided that the trust has a grantor who is a discretionary beneficiary. In order for the statute of the Alaska Trust to be applicable, the following requirements must be met: At least one if the trustees must re ...

  • Central Guarantee Fund

    Fund from which losses are paid for the insolvent members of Lloyd's of London. Each year, members of Lloyd's of London contribute a percentage of their premium volume to this fund to act as a reserve for losses that insolvent members are unable to pay. ...

  • Constructive Total Loss

    Partial loss of such significance that the cost of restoring damaged property would exceed its value after restoration. For example, an automobile is so badly damaged by fire that fixing it would cost more than the restored vehicle would be worth. ...

  • Participation

    Same as term Participating Insurance: policy that pays a dividend to its owner. ...

  • Retirement Income Policy

    Form of deferred annuity; a life insurance policy that usually guarantees from 120 to 180 monthly income payments to the annuitant at retirement. If the annuitant dies during the deferral (or guaranteed) period, a beneficiary receives a death payment of the face amount or the cash value, whichever i ...

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