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Real estate specialist. Helping guide, support, and advise clients on all real estate related transactions.

I studied Finance as an Undergrad and went on to get my MBA. With over 10 years Corporate Finance and Program Management Experience, I decided to follow my passion and apply my business skills and market knowledge to the real estate industry. Even at a young age I already had the desire and drive to be an entrepreneur, selling candy on the playground for a 50% profit margin. My extensive background working for fortune 500 companies has helped mold my business capabilities and I pride myself on delivering integrity, energy, hard work and creative service to every detail of your real estate transaction.

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Tara Panaccione

Tara Panaccione


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846 Lincoln Road 4th Floor , Miami Beach - FL 33139

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Market Value

    When an Appraisal is done, its ultimate goal is to define a Market Value for that property. So, in short, market value is the value of a real estate property in a free competitive market.Many variables are considered by the Appraiser when analyzing the monetary worth of a property. Supply and demand ...

  • Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

    A mortgage on which the borrower gives up a share in future price appreciation in exchange for a lower interest rate and/or interest deferral. SAM's in the private market had a brief flurry in the early '80s but died out quickly and an attempt to revive them in 2000 was unsuccessful. Some citi ...

  • Gambling

    Risk-creating device as compared with insurance, which is a risk-reducing or -eliminating device. This is a form of speculative risk. ...

  • Personal Automobile Policy (pap)

    Replacement for the earlier Family Automobile Policy (FAP) with these nine basic coverages: Coverage A Liability, The company pays damages for which an insured becomes legally obligated because negligent acts or omissions resulted in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party; the compa ...

  • State Taxation Of Insurance

    Authority of states to tax the insurance companies they regulate. States levy income taxes, real and personal property taxes, and special levies, the most important of which is a premium tax in effect, a sales tax on premiums. Although it is generally 2% of premiums, some states tax as much as 4%. I ...

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