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I promise you full market knowledge on the spot, I will inform you about prices, rents and market development and I am at your disposal with all my expertise of property valuation. From me you will receive transparent information and all relevant documents relating to the Real Estate transaction.

I am a member of the NEFAR which qualifies me as a Realtor®, in addition to my real estate experience nationally and internationally.

- 1987 Initial professional property management.

- 1995 Master's degree in business and technical craftsmanship.

- 1997 Certified expert for construction, building and soil.

Every property is unique and it is not always easy to determine its value.  Its location, the valuation of the building, the year of construction and any renovation work are highly authoritative. A building energy certificate, which is mandatory for several years when selling or renting, should give important information as well.

I look forward to making your dreams about your new home a reality.

Thomas  Biagoli
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Thomas Biagoli


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Size Doesn't Matter - But Does It With Homes

Size Doesn

Did you know that American homes are in the top tier globally when it comes to size? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as America is defined by bigness. Whether we are talking about cars, food portions, the defense budget, or the amount of waste we produce, America is worldwide famous when we consider the size. Homes are simply following the pattern, ...

Homebuyer Tips

Housing Market Predictions For 2022

Housing Market Predictions For 2022

We are almost done with 2021 and the incredibly chaotic housing market that came with it. It’s natural that we look forward and try to understand what next year will look like. Many home shoppers experienced the double-edge sword of 2021’s housing market. Witnessing how the housing market appreciated over the last twelve months fueled fears of another ...

Homebuyer Tips

How Will The Hybrid Work Week Shape Homebuyer’s Preferences?

How Will The Hybrid Work Week Shape Homebuyer’s Preferences?

People take a lot of time thinking about what they want in a new home and rightly so! We want to make sure we’re buying a home that meets all of our wants and needs. We want to find an affordable place that is near friends and family, but also close enough to work, as well. And, of course, we want to make sure we can find an affordable property that isn’t ...

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How To Host An Open House And Generate Leads While Doing It

How To Host An Open House And Generate Leads While Doing It

As a well-established convention in the sphere of real estate, the sight of an open home being hosted by a local real estate agent is not at all uncommon. If you were to drive through an average suburban neighborhood on any given sunny summer afternoon, you’d likely come across a number of these events, extending an open invitation to any and all willing visitors. ...

Home Seller Tips

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with neighbors who don’t respect your privacy. Whether they’re peering through a pair of binoculars surveilling your Sunday afternoon barbeque or dropping by unannounced to “see how you’re doing”, these unpleasant individuals are the bane of ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Anti-Deficiency Law

    When dealing with foreclosure, anti-deficiency laws can act as a life raft for many homeowners. They are state laws that come as a form of relief protecting the purchaser of residential real estate used as a primary residence. They work as a shield, stopping lenders from suing borrowers for the diff ...

  • Water Mains

    Pipes transporting water. ...

  • Adjusted Surplus

    Statutory surplus plus the interest maintenance RESERVE plus the ASSET VALUATION RESERVE. ...

  • Admitted Company

    Life insurance company or property and casualty insurance company licensed by a particular state to conduct business there. The company is subject to the state insurance code governing such aspects as company reserves and advertising. If an insurance company is not licensed by a given state or if it ...

  • Deceptive Practice

    Concealment of the actual fact. For example, an insurance agent tells a prospective insured that a policy provides a particular benefit when in actual fact this benefit is not in the written language of the policy. ...

  • Irrevocable Living Trust

    Trust in which rights to make any changes therein are surrendered permanently by the grantor. The grantor uses this type of trust to transfer assets and any potential depreciation out of his or her estate in order to avoid federal estate tax on the second estate distributions to heirs, as well as to ...

  • Life Insurance

    Protection against the death of an individual in the form of payment to a beneficiary usually a family member, business, or institution. In exchange for a series of premium payments or a single premium payment, upon the death of an insured, the face value (and any additional coverage attached to a p ...

  • Owner's Designated Beneficiary

    Designated individual who is to receive the policyholder's interest in the policy should the policyholder die prior to the distribution of all of the policyholder's interest in the policy. ...

  • Risk Classification

    Analysis of uncertainty of financial loss. This classification can be according to whether a risk is fundamental, particular, pure, speculative, dynamic, or static. In life insurance the process by which a company determines how much to charge for a policy according to an applicant's age, occupation ...

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