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The Real Estate world combines my favorite things to do: View all different kinds of homes and property and work with people as a project comes to fruition! It is very satisfying to me to be able to help people with a very important life decision and then help their friends and family as well. Whether it is vacant land, rural ranch, city neighborhood or condo high rise, North Texas is my area because it has always been my home! Let me put my 25 years of experience to work for you!

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Tracy Sutton


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Jamb

    The vertical elements of a door or window frame which provide vertical support to the overall frame. ...

  • Unsolicited Listings

    Listing of real estate property done without any effort an the part of the real estate broker. An example is when a homeowner calls the real estate brokerage firm on his own without having first been solicited. ...

  • Adjustable Premium

    Premium that can vary up or down, Some life insurance policies permit the company to change the premiums after the policy is in force, depending on mortality experience, expenses, and investment returns. If profits are sufficient, premiums can be reduced; if not, they can be raised to specific maxim ...

  • Neon And Electric Signs Floater

    Coverage on an all risks basis through an endorsement to a business property insurance policy in which each sign is specifically scheduled, subject to the exclusions of wear and tear, and damage caused by nuclear hazard, war, and electricity. ...

  • Yield To Maturity (ytm)

    Sum total of the annual effective rate of return earned by an owner of a bond if that bond is held until its maturity date. This effective return includes the current income generated by the bond as well as any difference in the face value of the bond and the bond's purchase price. The relationship ...

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