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If you want to work with an agent who truly enjoys real estate and will make buying and selling your home or property as profitable, fun and pleasant as possible, you owe it to yourself to call TroyPropertyGroup. I can help you with:

- Selling and Buying your Home with 4 ½% listings and a ½% rebate for buying.

- Short Sale of your home as an experienced short sale negotiator.

- Locating and successfully bidding for foreclosures.

- Renting your Home without worrying about finding and vetting a good tennant.

I have loved real estate since my early twenties when I bought my first two homes, one to live in and one to rent. Since then I have personally purchased, renovated and sold more than thirty homes. We currently own and rent over ten properties in four different sates. I am not a passive real estate agent, but rather an active involved owner and investor. I have real world knowledge and experience in today™s dynamic market that I apply each and everyday to help you as my client.

As a real estate agent and investor, I am knowledgeable and have extensive expertise in the rental, retail, foreclosure and short sale markets. I am authorized to negotiate foreclosure purchases and short sales for my clients and have been very successful. Please take a moment and read what a couple of my recent clients say about me.

Getting More for Less™ is our motto at Samson Properties. I offer 4 ½% Listings for all clients. If you then buy from me, I will give you a ½% Rebate on your purchase.

My personal goal is to help you get the most from your real estate transaction as possible as a seller, buyer or renter. Call me at TroyPropertyPros to see the difference I can make!


Without a doubt you are a Miracle Man! As in the past there were many barriers (to selling our home) but the difference was you knew how to turn those boulders into minor inconveniences. One of Samsons flyers came through the mail that said, ™We Have ™Short Sale Experts. Troy we appreciate the expertise you used to sell our house. Because of your patience, skills and knowledge you persevered in the sale of our house. Thank you for everything. (The Hughes)

We needed to sell our home in the summer of 2009. Unfortunately our home was worth only 60% of the remaining mortgage balance, and the prospects for selling our home were dismal. We saw Troys short sale advertisement and decided to contact him for advice. We are so glad we did! Troy Quickly found a buyer for our home and started the short sale process. He very skillfully and persistently negotiated with the bank. In the end, he got the job done, and the short sale went through. We strongly recommend Troy Sponaugle to help with your short sale or other real estate need. (The Mellentines)

Troy Sponaugle
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Troy Sponaugle


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Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

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Homebuyer - Realtor Relationship In A Period Defined By COVID

Homebuyer - Realtor Relationship In A Period Defined By COVID

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House Hunting Goes Digital In 2021

House Hunting Goes Digital In 2021

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Cryptocurrency-Friendly Realtors

Cryptocurrency-Friendly Realtors

For decades, the world of finance was an oblique, inaccessible sphere that only those with the proper education and preparation could hope to break into. Hedge funds and investment firms reigned supreme, firmly holding a monopoly on everything even tangentially related to the industry of making money by spending money.  This was an era defined by elitist financial ...


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  • Corridor

    The space created between the total death benefit and the cash value of a universal life insurance policy. An automatic increase in the death benefit results when the cash value approaches the initial face amount under Option A. If this space did not exist, the universal life insurance policy would ...

  • Cut-off

    Clause in a reinsurance policy that excludes the reinsurer's liability for losses occurring after a stipulated date. ...

  • Dual Capacity Doctrine

    Rule of law under which a defendant who has two or more relationships with a plaintiff may be liable under any of these relationships. For example, an employer may be liable in two ways to an employee who incurs bodily injury on the job as the result of using a product or service produced by that em ...

  • Habits

    Behavior or character standing of an individual in a community. Some personal habits are considered in underwriting an insurance application. ...

  • Return Premium

    Amount received by the policyholder if the policy is canceled, benefits are reduced, or the premium is reduced. ...

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