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 I understand that buying a home is one of the most expensive transaction that a client will make in their lifetime. So, it pays to have an Agent who is cheerful, patient and knowledgeable not only in Real Estate but also can help you answer pertinent questions related to tax implication and Insurance.  I love helping people get what they want and I am very patient . So, let me help you get what you want today.

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Ulrick Germain

Ulrick Germain


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Future Interest

    An interest in property with the right o possession being postponed into the future until a certain ...

  • General Contractor

    Contractor who signs a contract with a property owner or developer and assumes comprehensive respo ...

  • Property Insurance

    Insurance affording protection against losses due to damage to or destruction of property or content ...

  • Participating Policy Dividend Option

    Same as term Participating Policy Dividend: life insurance contract that pays its owner dividends, w ...

  • Wash Sale Rule

    Rule concerning stock sold and then repurchased or a similar security repurchased (warrants or optio ...

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