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Servicing Luxury, Distressed, Income Producing and Investment. Single Family, Multi-units, Condominiums, Townhomes and rental.

We Specialize In:
Residential, Commercial, Rentals,
Investment Properties, Foreclosure & Short Sale

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Usha Hanif

Usha Hanif


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Compound Sum

    Total amount due at maturity consisting of both principal and compound interest. ...

  • Capacity Of Parties

    Legal capability of those involved in mutual assent of making a contract, including an insurance contract. Those who have been deemed to be incompetent to make a valid contract include intoxicated and insane persons, and enemy aliens. Minors can enter into a contract, but it is voidable at the optio ...

  • Pooled Investment Account

    Combination of the funds of many policyholders held in a single account and invested as a single entity. ...

  • Survivor Purchase Option

    Provision applied as a rider attached to an ordinary life insurance policy for the purpose of meeting estate planning requirements. When the insured dies, the beneficiary is entitled to receive the death benefit in cash or to use the death benefit to purchase a new ordinary life insurance policy. Th ...

  • Travel Insurance

    Insurance coverage for pitfalls associated with travel. The coverage can be classified as follows: Trip Cancellation the travelers) must cancel the trip because of unforeseen circumstances such as an illness; Trip Interruption coverage in the event a trip is terminated because of illness or hotel ce ...

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