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Internet! Internet! Internet!When people ask me about my marketing plan that is the only word I need with 86% of all people finding their home on the internet what other word would you need.Don't hire that agent that is going to put your home in a newspaper or magazine hire the one that is going to put it on EVERY available website.46383, 46386, 46347, 46392, 46304, 46307, 46342, 46310

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Valarie Kubacki

Valarie Kubacki


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • As Is

    (1) Term for second hand or damaged items sold without a sellers warranty. The purchaser accepts delivery of goods in the condition found on inspection before acquisition, regardless of defects or damage. The buyer must inspect the items carefully, since the responsibility of determining their condi ...

  • Resident Manager

    Supervisor of the operation of apartments while residing in one of the apartments. Some responsibilities include showing vacant apartment to prospective tenants and assuring that the apartments are properly maintained. ...

  • Reversion

    Also called estate in reversion. A vested interest or estate in which a person has a fixed interest in the future. For example, if a grantor is required by the IRS to pay a substantial sum in back taxes, the part remaining reverts to the estate for later distribution to the beneficiaries. ...

  • Incidental Contract

    Secondary (not primary) reason for forming a contract. In group insurance, the group must be formed and maintained for reasons other than obtaining insurance. If the group were formed primarily to obtain insurance, adverse selection would take place. ...

  • Stare Decisis

    Latin phrase meaning "to stand by the decisions." This legal doctrine under common law requires courts to rely on precedents, or previous decisions, when deciding disputes unless there is a compelling reason to reject those precedents. In most instances, this doctrine means that courts will decide d ...

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