Vivian Jones
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Vivian Jones

JLA Realty

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I am a native of Houston Texas where I have lived my entire life. As a native to the city of Houston I am passionate about our community and the people who live here.

I was introduced to the real estate industry at an early age as my father is an entrepreneur who bought and flipped residential and commercial properties. His relentless dedication, ambition, honesty and hard work has been a collection of attributes that I have always mirrored. As an agent not only is it my duty to serve you with honesty and hard work but an honor to help with your real estate experience.


4439 Town Center PLace , Kingwood - TX 77339

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Situation in which pledged property is held by a person or entity until the loan is paid. ...

The imposition or collection, usually by legal or governmental authority, of an assessment of a specified amount. An example is a tax assessment on real estate....

Increase in the value of property arising from holding it. The gain is realized only when the property is sold at which time it is taxable. An example is the increase in the appraised value of a house arising from better economic conditions and real estate market....

Independent insurance salesperson who represents particular insurers but may also function as a broker by searching the entire insurance market to place an applicant's coverage to maximize protection and minimize cost. This person is licensed as an agent and broker....

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