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About Walter P Brzozowicz

I assist first time home buyers in finding and purchasing their first home. 

I assist established home sellers when they need to relocate across the country to join family. 

I assist families when they relocate to Charlotte for a new job. I also assist families when they leave Charlotte for a new job due to a promotions or increase in job responsibility. 

I work with relocation companies as they assist in employee moves. 

In this difficult market, I assist families facing foreclosure or a short sale. 

Investors are still purchasing single family rental properties and properties for renovation and resale.

I assist renters in finding suitable accommodations as they begin their careers in banking, finance, energy management, teaching, software development, management etc. 

It is important to give back to the community and what better way than through Habitat for Humanity and it affiliates. 

I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Walter P Brzozowics Real Estate

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Walter P Brzozowicz


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Bankruptcy (business)

    Situation in which a business debts exceed the fair market value of its assets. ...

  • Junior Mortgage

    Mortgage placed on a property after a previous mortgage. It can be a second, third, etc. mortgage. A junior mortgage is subordinate to the terms of a previous mortgage. Junior mortgages usually require a premium interest rate. For example, John, buys a home for $175,000 and obtains a $100,000 first ...

  • Toll

    fee to use a bridge or tunnel. Fee assessed to use someone else's property. ...

  • Revenue Ruling 59-60

    Ruling that is the most significant source for the valuation of closely held corporation capital stock critical to the close corporation plan. This ruling defines the fair market value as "the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller when the former ...

  • Section 403 (b) Plan

    Retirement plan offered by public employers and tax-exempt organizations. Under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, certain tax-exempt organizations such as public school systems can make payments for retirement annuity policies for their employees and have the payments excluded from the em ...

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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2020

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2020

  The new year is finally here, and with it, a bevvy of new opportunities to explore in the real estate business. The world of real estate is constantly changing and evolving, and a good realtor needs to constantly keep themselves updated on new marketing strategies for real estate agents.    With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of ...

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Pros And Cons Of Living In Boca Raton

Pros And Cons Of Living In Boca Raton

  There is a lot to be said for living in Boca Raton FL. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and beautiful houses are just a few of the many, many pros of living in this gorgeous city. But, just like any other city, there are a fair few downsides to living here. Housing prices are astronomical, and property crime rate is even higher than the national average. ...

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Home Loans With 0 Down Payment

Home Loans With 0 Down Payment

Mary V. has always adored the fairytales her mother used to read before going to bed. Since then, she had been dreaming of her own place to call home, which gradually became smaller and smaller. She left behind the gold-plated palaces and castles of her childhood memories, and now, in her early 20s, she would be more than happy to live in a small cozy one-story house ...

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How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?

The almighty Credit Score: The banking industry revolves around it. Landlords demand it. And everybody is concerned about their three digits that reveal how well they are doing financially. The FICO® Score and the VantageScore are two systems that measure your creditworthiness. Both can be between 300 and 850. Of course, the higher, the better. Understanding credit ...

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All About The USDA Loans

All About The USDA Loans

What does any real estate agent listed on appreciate more at homebuyers? Their flexibility and their openness when it comes to exploring the many different types of loans that are available for them. In this article, we will explain how USDA loans work. In fact, Section 502 Single-Family Rural Housing Loans can have two forms. The first one is the ...

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