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Welcome to my website! I am your premier real estate expert in Piscataway and I am here to provide you with all the resources and information you need to buy or sell real estate. I work with buyers and sellers in Piscataway, Edison, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Bridgewater and I have had extensive training in the latest real estate strategies. I am confident that I can offer you knowledge and tools most other agents can’t. Take a look at my website, My Website, to see some of the great tools I have to offer.

Contact me so I can keep you updated on the latest real estate activities in our community and answer any questions you may have.


Thanks and I look forward to assisting you in all of your real estate needs!

Realty Mark Platinum

Yogi Shah Realty Mark Platinum

Yogi Shah


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Arch

    Structure designed to span an open space between to supporting members. ...

  • Wet Plaster

    Water/plaster mix used as a surface for walls and ceilings. ...

  • Sale Value

    What a piece of property could be sold for on the market. ...

  • Brokerage General Agent

    Independent contractor of the insurance company who has the authority to appoint brokers on behalf of the insurance company. This supervisor has the objective and the responsibility to sell the insurance company's products to the appointed brokers who in turn sell these products to the general publi ...

  • Initial Premium

    Premium paid at the time a policy goes into effect. With some policies, such as group health insurance, premiums are subject to adjustment at the end of the policy period to reflect loss experience. If the loss experience is good (that is, if the losses are smaller than anticipated in the premium lo ...

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